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The chief point is simply to secure the _principle_, of whispering at definite and limited times, and at those alone. Then several nuts thus protected grow closely together inside this green prickly covering; which spreads over them and guards them from the larger animals and the boys. &c. How much is four times five?--Four _and_ five? How much is seven times nine?--Seven _and_ nine? Eight times six?--Eight _and_ six? Nine times seven?--Nine shampoo club _and_ seven?" After asking a few questions of this kind, it was perceived that shampoo club the pupils shampoo club could tell much more readily what was the result when the numbers were to be multiplied, then when they were to be added. 5. The teacher said in conclusion: "Now, James, I do not suppose you have done this from any designed irreverence towards God, or deliberate intention of giving me trouble and pain. You know I do not punish you for failures. I shall, however, in another place, speak of this principle of interesting the pupils in our plans, for the purpose of securing a majority in our favor, and explain the methods by which the minority is then to be governed. One important method of doing this, is, to present these shampoo club plans before the minds shampoo club of the scholars, shampoo club as experiments,--moral shampoo club experiments, whose commencement, shampoo club progress, and results, they may take a great interest in witnessing. To take charge of books and stationary.

They shampoo club get longer lessons, and make fewer mistakes than they did by the old method. Roger took the burr and handed shampoo club it to the master, who quietly put it into his pocket, and walked away without saying a word. I know of nothing which illustrates more perfectly the way by which a knowledge of human shampoo club nature is to be turned to account in managing human minds, than a plan which was adopted for clearing the galleries shampoo club of the British House of Commons, as it was described to me by a gentleman who had visited London. By bringing up, from time to time, some such literary inquiry as shampoo club this, shampoo club they will be led shampoo club insensibly to regard the Bible as opening a field for interesting intellectual research, and will more easily be led to study it.

) We then commence the second hour of the school. ) "The third mode is, to add by three, in the same way. " "All, then, who have intimate friends, and can recollect the impression shampoo club which they first made upon them, may rise. WEEKLY REPORTS. In all probability, shampoo club however, they would like it, and would indicate their shampoo club interest by their shampoo club countenances, shampoo club or perhaps by a response. Each one thus chosen nominates the second in her department, and they two, the assistants. | +-------+----------+------------+--+--+-------------+--+--+-----------+ shampoo club | | EVENING | LANGUAGES. shampoo club "More than once?" "Yes sir. " The boys hesitate.

The great prevailing fault of writers in this country, is an affectation of eloquence. The exercises which follow are exhibited to the eye shampoo club by the following diagram. It would bring the teacher into an acquaintance with several important families and groups of children, under the most favorable circumstances. " "Yes, for it is more barefaced and determined--then it gives a great deal more pain to the one who is injured. shampoo club They pretend to form a line, but it crooks in every direction.

Some say, "Once," some, "Twice. _ "Hundreds?" shampoo club _B. What we _say_, we fix by the very act of saying it, in the mind. They can, by a series of questions like the above, be led to see by their own reasoning, that time, as denoted by the clock, must differ in every two places, not upon the same meridian, and that the difference must be exactly proportional shampoo club to the difference of longitude. At the close of each half hour, a little bell was to be struck, and this card shampoo club shampoo club was to be taken down.

It shampoo club might have been a single accidental error. Anti-Spider-Sparer. Variety.

If this practice is adopted, it shampoo club will have a most powerful influence upon the moral condition of the school.

"Yes sir. THE PAINS OF A SAILOR'S shampoo club LIFE. He paid of course very little attention to the writing, now and then reproving, with an impatient tone, some extraordinary instance of carelessness, or leaving his work to suppress some rising disorder.

Topics. On the other hand, the second class will go to their seats, with murmuring looks and words; and with a hearty dislike of the task you have assigned shampoo club them. 5. You can easily see hew much pleasanter it is for me to have the school controlled by such shampoo club an influence, than if it were necessary for we to shampoo club hire you to diligence in duty, by prizes or rewards, or to deter you from neglect or from transgression, by reproaches, and threatenings, and punishments. How many are in favor of having shorter lessons, and having them read but once?----How many prefer longer lessons, and having them read twice?" After comparing the numbers, it is decided according to the majority, and the teacher assigns, or allows them to assign a lesson. For some time, shampoo club the attention of the Instructers was occupied in arranging the course of study, and attending to the other shampoo club concerns of the Institution, and in the infant state of the Lyceum, few cases of discipline occurred, and no regular system shampoo club of government was necessary. Offences of pupils. In fact, I should rather not see them. The number shampoo club was found to be so great, that the scholars admitted that something ought to be done. | | HOUR.

" "Well, I am going to tell you of one shampoo club of your faults. The parents or the committee object; shampoo club they say, that they wish the children to confine their attention exclusively to the elementary branches of education. If they think for example, that we are deserving of credit for the neatness with which books are kept,--for their freedom from blots or scribblings, or dog's-ears, by which school-books are so commonly shampoo club defaced, let them tell us so. Is there discontent in the school? It shows itself by "_propositions_" in the wrapper. I do not mean by this, that shampoo club a young man may not make a useful discovery; but only that he may be led away by the ardor of early life, to fancy that essential and important, which is really not so. There are many who would like to join it.

shampoo club These plans were readily and cheerfully adopted by the shampoo club boys, and in a short time, the vice of profaneness was, in a great degree, banished from the school. shampoo club Boston, June 20, 1833. Suppose then the Rocky Mountains were half round the globe, how long would it take the sun to go to them?" "Suppose they were quarter round?" "The whole distance is divided into portions called degrees; 360 in all. We have the advantage of regular progress in the acquisition of knowledge truly valuable, while this progress is made, with all the spirit and interest which variety can give. shampoo club This journal ought not to be a mere dry record of votes and business, but as far as possible, an interesting description shampoo club in a narrative style, of the occurrences of the day. Thus nothing is done to relieve her. The school was left in this way, half an hour every day, shampoo club during a quarter, that we might have a teachers' meeting, and the school went on, generally quite as well, to say the least, as when the teachers were present. Some time after this, a student was indicted shampoo club for profane swearing; he was tried, convicted, and punished.

In almost every school, there are enough who can sing to begin, especially if the first experiment is made in a recess, or before or after school; and the beginning once made, the difficulty is over. Tell them all together, in the shampoo club class, what their difficulties will be, and how they may surmount them. " shampoo club There was a pause; the disappointed complainants seemed not to know what to do. "Do you suppose it would be safe to leave the decision of important questions to the scholars shampoo club in this school?" "Yes shampoo club sir;" "No sir. (2. Can you do it as well as not?' "Suppose the boy should say he could, and shampoo club should take it to his seat, and begin; neither of the boys knowing what the other was doing. 3. The plan described shampoo club by the following article, which was furnished by a teacher for insertion here, was originally adopted, shampoo club so far as I know, in a school on the Kennebec. Require each pupil to remember for himself, and if he was absent when the lesson was assigned, let him ask his class mate in a recess. The teacher should guard against this, and assign to children such subjects as are within the field of childish observation.

And secondly, while doing this, to become as fully acquainted with his scholars as possible. 3. In the first case, the whole subject was despatched shampoo club in a single, shampoo club general, and comprehensive description; in the latter, it is examined minutely, one point being brought forward at a time.

"Now," he proceeds, "I am not only going to have you study in a different way, but recite in a different way shampoo club too. Principle which is to guide the teacher on this subject. Many of these will have communicated their first shampoo club impressions to the others, so that he will find himself possessed, at the outset, of that which is of vital consequence in the opening of any administration,--a strong party in his favor. In one of the colleges of New England, a new and beautiful edifice was erected. IX X shampoo club XI XII +-------------+--------------------+-----------------+ | Reading. shampoo club | Arithmetic. 1. At this signal the scholars begin to prepare for a return to the ordinary duties of school, and when at the full expiration of the recess, the Study Card again goes up, silence, and attention, and order is immediately restored. 1. ' The friends resumed conversation. On extraordinary emergencies.

When the boys came to tell him their results, he asked them to make a little memorandum, in writing, as he might forget, before the time came for reading shampoo shampoo club club them. We have various modes of amusing ourselves and finding exercise and recreation shampoo club shampoo club in recesses. " "All the boys in this school who studied geography may rise. Treatment of individual offenders. Scene in a class. It is true that there must necessarily be _some_ system in every large school; but various instructers will fall upon different principles of organization, which will naturally be such as are adapted to the habits of thought shampoo club and manner shampoo club of instruction of their respective authors, and consequently each will be best for its own place. [Footnote C: This apparatus has been previously described. Now, how long does it take the sun to pass round the earth?" "Twenty four hours. " The boys, by a simultaneous movement, open their desks, and take from them their copies of the sacred volume. shampoo club

Should you like to adopt the plan?" If the boys should appear not much interested in the proposal, the teacher might, at his own discretion, waive it. He should ascertain what is the existing state of his school, both as to knowledge and character;--how long, generally, his pupils are to remain under shampoo club his care,--what are to be their future stations and conditions in life, and what objects he can reasonably hope to effect for them, shampoo club while they remain under his influence. If he spells it, the teacher cannot tell whether shampoo club he is prepared or not. "George, what did you have in your hand?" "A piece of paper. Recitation and Instruction.

shampoo club You may do this, by writing, or in other ways, but do not lead them to make up their minds fully that they are Christians, in such a sense as to induce them to feel that the work is done.

"I am going to have you parse your whole lesson, in writing. Most of the scholars obey it of their own accord, implicitly and cordially. "Perhaps you expect that I am now going to call the boy out, and punish him. Extent to which it may be shampoo club carried. So pick away as fast as you can, Emily. It sometimes springs up, spontaneously, and where it is not guided aright by the teacher, sometimes produces very bad effects upon the minds of the pupils, in rival institutions. The last shampoo club hour of school is devoted to the Sections. "Well, what would that motive be?" "Money.

They ought not to make changes, except in very plain cases, without referring the subject shampoo club to me. The other brings all his shampoo club ingenuity and enterprise into the field, to accomplish a steady purpose, by means shampoo club ever varying, and depends for his power, on shampoo club his knowledge of human nature, and on the adroit adaptation of plans to her fixed and uniform tendencies. Such a change, from _particular shampoo club permission on individual requests to general permission at stated times_, would unquestionably be popular in every school, if the teacher managed shampoo club the business properly. The teacher then makes a memorandum of this, and then inquires; "And what lesson came after this?" "Geography. He sauntered slowly and listlessly through the aisles, and among the benches of the room, wherever he saw the signal of a pen.

"Now it is very probable that some have, from inadvertence, or shampoo club from design, omitted to keep an shampoo club account of the number of transgressions of the rule, which they have committed during the day; others, perhaps, do not wish to make a report of themselves. I think we had better take your own statements. I only attended her school two quarters; with prejudice I went, and with prejudice I came away.

How then, you will ask, can the teacher regulate shampoo club this practice, so as to prevent the evils which will otherwise flow from shampoo club it, without being continually interrupted by the request for permission? By a very simple method. In describing the order of daily exercises, I alluded to the _sections_ shampoo club which assemble in the last hour of the school. If the scholars are led to shampoo club understand that the school is to a great extent their institution, shampoo club that they must assist to sustain its character, and that they share the honor if any honor is acquired, a feeling will prevail shampoo club in the school, which may be turned to a most useful account. If, however, after mature deliberation you conclude that you have the plan of a school-book shampoo club which you ought to try to mature and execute, be slow and cautious about it. But before I proceed, let me protect myself from misconception by one or two remarks.

Wasted time, blotted books, and fretted tempers, were all the results shampoo club which the system produced. " "There are two classes then?" "Yes sir. And then, "Let me try it," he continued, shampoo club gently taking the club out of Joseph's hand. He has maliciously taken another boy's place just to spoil his work. I have a great many classes to hear, and of course a great many lessons to assign, and I never remember them; it is not necessary far me to remember. Example. Making all alike. I do not mean by this illustration, shampoo club that such a measure as this, would be the only notice that ought to be taken of such an act of wilful disturbance in school. Consequences of being behindhand. The following specimens, transcribed verbatim from the originals, with the remarks made, as nearly as they could be remembered immediately after the exercise, will give an idea of the ordinary operation of this plan.

This department of our literature offers a fine field for the efforts of learning and genius. Instead of resolving to "rise earlier," resolve to rise at the ringing of the sunrise bells, or at some other definite time. I need not say, that I mean, Reading, Writing, and Calculation. The publisher, unless unfortunately it was published on the author's account, loses his paper. While, however, shampoo club it is thus distinctly understood that the power of the teacher is supreme, that all the power rests in him, and that he alone is responsible for its exercise, there ought, to be a very free and continual _delegation_ of power to the pupils. 2. But to show what I mean by subdividing a difficult process, so shampoo club as to make each step simple, I will take a case which may serve as an example. " This would be right. "I have no pencil;" said the boy. There doubtless are.

But if I ask those to rise who have _not_ rung the shampoo club bell, I shall make known to the whole school who they are that have done it, shampoo club and I wish that the exposure of faults should be private, unless it is _necessary_ that it should be public. The rule, in fact, is very similar to that which all well bred people observe at church.