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1. This is perhaps going a little too far; hoechstetter, y* but it is certainly desirable to enjoy as many opportunities for observation as can be secured on the first few days of the school. It can however scarcely be said to be a fashion, for the temptation is almost exclusively confined to the young and the ignorant, who think they must make up by appearance, what they want in reality. The teacher under moral obligation, and governed, himself, by law. Another teacher thinks he must, to discharge his duty, give a certain amount weekly, of what he considers religious instruction. On the other hand, a month's anarchy and confusion in a college or an academy, would be delight to half the students, or else times have greatly changed, since I was within college walls. One of hoechstetter, y* the boys said he supposed it was to hold the chestnuts together, and hoechstetter, y* keep them up on the tree. The _community_ have a right to interfere, in such a case, as they in fact do by requiring every man to provide for the instruction of his children, and in some other ways which need not now be specified. So that a watch, which is right in one place, cannot, strictly speaking, hoechstetter, y* be right in any other hoechstetter, y* place, east hoechstetter, y* or west of the first: and that, if the time of day, at two places, can be compared, either by taking a chronometer from one to another, or by observing some celestial phenomenon, like the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites, and ascertaining precisely the time of their occurrence, according hoechstetter, y* to the reckoning at both; the distances east or west, by degrees, may be determined. We know it was wrong, and are determined not to do so any more.

The ways by which boys engage in open, intentional disobedience, are, of course, greatly varied, and the exact treatment will depend upon the features of the individual case. You may take your slates with you, and after you have had time to hear the lesson read slowly and carefully twice, I shall come and dictate to you the hoechstetter, y* words aloud, and you will all write them from my dictation. It hoechstetter, y* is by such methods as this, rather than by threatening and punishment, hoechstetter, y* that I manage the cases of discipline which from time to time occur, but even such as this, slight as it is, occur very seldom. " He pauses and looks round upon the class. If these individuals should appear to be of the proper standing and character, they might at once be joined to the class in question, and directed to take the same lesson.

It is, in hoechstetter, y* fact, the pleasure of exercising power. If the Creator has so formed the mind of a boy, that he must go through life slowly and with difficulty, hoechstetter, y* impeded by obstructions which others do not feel, and depressed by discouragements which others never know, his lot is surely hard enough, without hoechstetter, y* having you to add to it the trials and suffering, which sarcasm and reproach from you, can heap upon him. Can any of you think what they are? I suppose you have all been, either at this school, or at some other, required to bring written excuses, so that you have seen hoechstetter, y* the plan tried; now have you never noticed any objection to it?" One boy said that it gave the parents a great deal of trouble at home. Unfortunately there are too many of the former class, and the first object, which, in this work, I shall attempt to accomplish, hoechstetter, y* is to show my readers, especially those who have been accustomed to look upon the business of teaching as a weary and heartless toil, how it happens, that it is, in any case, so pleasant. --INSTRUCTION. _Miss X.

_ hoechstetter, y* hoechstetter, y* "Seven. Example of the operation of the system. The Principal was the Executive, with power to _pardon_, but not to _sentence_, or even _accuse_. The object now is, simply to gain the _majority_,--to awaken a general interest, which you can make effectual in promoting your plans, and thus to narrow the field of discipline, by getting those right, who can be got right by such measures. "There is one more mode which I shall hoechstetter, y* describe: it is by _Memory_. But to return to the story: The teacher made some farther remarks, explaining the nature of the sin, not in the language of execration, and affected abhorrence, but calmly, temperately, and without any disposition to make the worst of the occurrence which had taken place.

It was however thought, that if the subject was properly presented to the students, they would take an interest in preserving the property from injury. " "No, I don't mean it was civil to take your seat. The first attempt nearly resulted in a failure; only a few trembling voices succeeded in singing Old Hundred, to the words, "Be thou," &c. They would say with one voice, "The first. _ I'm afraid we shan't. Officers. On one occasion, when, after hoechstetter, y* hoechstetter, y* learning the wishes of the scholars on some subject which had been brought before them, I decided contrary to it, there arose a murmur of hoechstetter, y* discontent, all over the room. I suppose each of you think it is your own nail.

Through this wrapper, all questions are asked, all complaints entered, all proposals made. "Perhaps it depends a little upon the question whose hat it was. To hoechstetter, y* do good to any individual, creates or increases the desire to do it. CHAPTER VIII. If the one who hoechstetter, y* hoechstetter, y* presides in it, sees it in its true light; studies the nature and tendency of the minds which he has to control; adapts his plans and his measures hoechstetter, y* to the laws of human nature, and endeavors hoechstetter, y* to accomplish his purposes for them, not by mere labor and force, but by ingenuity and enterprise; he will take pleasure hoechstetter, y* in administering his little government. Perhaps twenty individuals out of forty rise. She ought to correct, through her own influence, any evils of this kind she may find, or else immediately to refer the cases where this cannot be done, to me. The main design is to _interest the pupils_, in the management and the welfare of the school,--to identify them, as it were, with it. _ I wonder hoechstetter, y* if she has a taste for Arithmetic? _Miss X. In this chapter I shall endeavor to show how order may be produced out of that almost inextricable mass of confusion, into which so many teachers, on commencing their labors, find themselves plunged. A boy who was standing near the tree, with a red cap full of burrs in his hand, held out one of them.

Officers. I know multitudes of persons to whom the above description will exactly apply. All I mean is, to show by a familiar illustration, how the teacher is to endeavor to enlist the interest, and to excite the curiosity of hoechstetter, hoechstetter, y* y* his pupils, in his plans for the improvement of his hoechstetter, y* school, by presenting them as moral experiments, which they are to assist him in trying,--experiments, whose progress they are to watch, and whose results they are to predict. The whole was made in one or two recesses in school, with such tools and materials as I could then command. If his scholars hoechstetter, y* are disorderly, or negligent, or idle, or quarrelsome, he feels _condemned himself_, almost as if he were, himself, the actual transgressor.

The object of the division into classes is _instruction_. The exercise went on for some time in this way, till the pupils had become hoechstetter, y* so familiar with it, that I thought it best to allow them to take higher numbers. VERNON SCHOOL. Now you may lay aside your books. " The boys hesitate. Children are very sensitive to ridicule or disgrace, and some are most acutely so. If they should attempt it, it must be done cautiously and gradually. Let every one hoechstetter, y* be filled with expressions relating to school, so that it will bear upon every sentence, the impression, that it is the petition of a teacher and his pupils, at the throne of grace. ' _Teacher.

_ 'We can't hear. 5. It is perhaps the first day of the school, and the teacher thinks he had better make an example hoechstetter, y* at the outset, and calls the boy out, knowing nothing about his general character, and inflicts hoechstetter, y* some painful or degrading punishment before all the school. " "No sir. "You are playing, boys, all the time, and I will not have it. " Now the propriety of taking up the particular subject, which I have here introduced, by way of illustration, in such a way, would depend altogether upon the character and standing of the school; the age and mental maturity of the scholars, and their capacity to understand the circumstances of such a case, and to appreciate those considerations which give interest to it. It was in a sea-port town, where the temptation to yield to this vice is even greater, than would be, in the interior of our country, supposed possible. Now, where a severe punishment is the consequence of a failure, there might seem to be some reasonableness in helping your companions out of difficulty, though even then, such tricks are departures from honorable dealing.

hoechstetter, y* Mrs. Success. There is not. "Helen, finding she was not to come to the table, began to be a little alarmed. On the other hand, you ought to feel no better satisfied with yourselves when your lesson has not been studied well, because you may have happened to know the parts which came to you. Interesting hoechstetter, y* the pupils in their studies.

She was evidently happy then, and believed she hoechstetter, y* should continue so. At the business hoechstetter, y* quarter hour, I issued the following order. On the day that the above description of their duties was written, I wished for a sort of directory, hoechstetter, y* to assist the collector employed to hoechstetter, y* receive payments for the bills; and, to obtain it, I took the following steps. "It might be called," continues the teacher, "friendship. _Sarah. " The class then regularly take their places in the recitation hoechstetter, y* seats; the prepared and unprepared together. _Emily. "Thus you must destroy prejudices in all cases, by connecting pleasant thoughts and associations with the objects of them. "'Consumption,' the gentleman replied, 'and I suppose she will not live long. Under the latter, is included all the explanation, and assistance, and additional information, which the teacher may give his pupils, and, under the former, such an _examination_ of individuals, as is necessary to secure their careful attention to their lessons. What these measures of restraint or punishment shall be, must depend upon the circumstances of the case; but in resorting to them, the teacher must be decided and unbending.

A day or two after, at a time regularly appropriated to such subjects, he addresses the boys as follows: "In our efforts to improve the school as much as possible, there is one subject, which we must not forget. This servitude soon however, if he is a man of natural abilities, passes away: he learns to try one experiment after another, until he insensibly finds that a plan may succeed, even if it was not pursued by his former teacher. hoechstetter, y* I adopted the plan of allowing the scholars to sit, because I thought it would be pleasanter for them, hoechstetter, hoechstetter, y* y* and they have in return been generally, so far as I know, faithful in complying with my wish that they would all assume the posture proposed, so that the school may present the uniform and serious aspect which is proper, when we are engaged in so solemn a duty. All the good effects of reposing trust and confidence, and committing the management of important business to the pupils will be secured, without the dangers which hoechstetter, y* would result from the entire surrender of the management of the institution into their hands. In fact all mechanical employments have, within a few years risen in rank, in this country, not through the influence of efforts to impress hoechstetter, y* the community directly with a sense of their importance, but simply because mechanics hoechstetter, y* themselves have risen in intellectual and moral character. " You will see from this anecdote that though there hoechstetter, y* is but one rule of the school, I by no means intend to say that there is only _one way of doing wrong here_. " Another boy asked why the peach-stone was not outside the peach, so as to keep it from being eaten. From this source a large share of the enjoyment which men find in the active pursuits of life, has its origin.

"Suppose it was his own hat, would he have been right? Has a boy a right to do what he pleases with his own hat?" "Yes sir," "Yes sir," "No sir," "No sir," answered the boys confusedly. "About half hoechstetter, y* an hour. Their slates may be slightly examined, as they pass by the teacher, on their way to their seats, to see that all is fair; but it will be safe to take it for granted, that a result, in which a majority agree, will be right. " "Yes; and you will see that the longest of Peter's epistles is next in length to that of James': And indeed all his are arranged in the order of their length. The experiment will succeed in producing more successful hoechstetter, y* results, just as long as the novelty of it continues to excite unusual interest and attention in the class, or the thought that it hoechstetter, y* is a plan of the teacher's own invention, leads him to take a peculiar interest hoechstetter, y* in it.

It is the duty, therefore, of every teacher, who commences a common district school, for a single season, to make, when he commences, an estimate, of the state of his pupils, in reference to these three branches.

They will have generally seated themselves together in little knots, for as they are aware that the new teacher does not know them, they will imagine that, though perhaps separated before, they can now slip together again, without any trouble. Prayer. I only try it, as a sort of intellectual experiment.

_Jane. I repeat it, hoechstetter, y* therefore, make it a principle in all cases, to aim as much hoechstetter, y* as possible at the correction of those faults which are likely to be general, by _general measures_. Such a change, hoechstetter, y* from _particular hoechstetter, y* permission on individual requests to general permission at stated hoechstetter, y* times_, would unquestionably be popular in every school, if the teacher managed the business properly.

Besides giving the scholars the necessary hoechstetter, y* intellectual instruction, there are, as I have already remarked, a great many other points which must receive attention, in order to promote their progress, and to secure the regular operation and general welfare of hoechstetter, y* the school.

" The boys looked rather hoechstetter, y* anxiously at one another, but continued silent.

_ Have we? Well never mind, I guess we shall find them. ) After the expiration of the quarter hour above described, the study card is dropped, and a recess succeeds. In the same manner notice is given five minutes before the second half of the hour expires, hoechstetter, y* and so in all the other three hours. Did I ask for pencils?" hoechstetter, hoechstetter, y* y* A pause. There is no one time when you will feel that you are breaking your resolution, because there were no particular times when you were to study more. I do not mean to undervalue the others, but only to insist upon hoechstetter, y* the superior value and importance of these.

If they do not, be assured that there is something wrong, or at least something ill-judged, or inefficient, in your manner of hoechstetter, y* explaining the truths which you wish to have produce an effect upon their minds. "I will tell you. It is a metallic plate upon which are marked in gilded letters, the words "_Study Hours_. I am very frequently hoechstetter, y* interrupted when busily engaged, and it also occupies a great portion of my hoechstetter, y* time and attention. Of course, I shall have no punishment for it; but it will very much assist you to watch yourselves, if you expect to make a report at the end of the forenoon.

Scene in the wood. Still _we must hoechstetter, y* calculate on having hoechstetter, y* this minority, and form our plans accordingly_, or we shall be sadly disappointed. The second of the sources of hoechstetter, y* interruption, as I have enumerated them, is mending pens. hoechstetter, y* The former are always censurable; the latter never; for they may be the result of correct reasoning from insufficient data, and it is the reasoning only for which the child is responsible. They will gradually do it on slighter and slighter occasions, until at last the rule will be disregarded entirely.

It must be honest, heartfelt, simple prayer; the plain and direct expression of such sentiments as children ought to feel, and of such petitions as they ought to offer. Sometimes I think it is unnecessary, and deny you, when perhaps I was mistaken, and it was really necessary. I do not expect you all to be invariably prepared with every question of your lessons. You do not want her to be punished; do you?" "No; I only want her to give me up my seat; I don't want her to be punished.