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He must by some means or other attend to them in all their distracting individuality. Make as good a school, and accomplish as much for it, as you can in six hermitage hotel nashville hours, and let the rest go. " He then repeats the question, and obtains a full response. Is there discontent in the school? It shows itself by "_propositions_" in the wrapper. They do indeed often bring men into collision with other men. But if we put it off till then, you must not talk about it in the meantime, blaming one another, and keeping up the irritation that you feel. VI. Finding that I should derive little instruction from the recitation; I returned to the sofa. "My plan," continues the teacher, "is this:--to allow you all, besides the recess, a short time, two or three minutes perhaps, every hour;" (or every half hour, according hermitage hotel nashville to the character of the school, the age of the pupils, or other circumstances, to be judged of by the teacher,) "during which you may all whisper or leave your seats, without asking permission. But to proceed: "When the sun is exactly opposite to us, in the south, at the highest point to which he rises, what o'clock is it?" "When the sun is exactly opposite to us, can he be opposite to the Rocky Mountains?" "Does he get opposite to the Rocky Mountains, before, or after, he is opposite to us?" "When he is opposite to the Rocky Mountains, what o'clock is it there?" "Is it twelve o'clock here, then, before, or after it is twelve o'clock there?" "Suppose the river Mississippi is fifteen degrees from us, how long is it twelve o'clock here, before it is twelve o'clock there?" "When it is twelve o'clock here then, what time will it be there?" Some will probably answer "one," and some "eleven.

It ought to be a very clear case. Teacher's personal character. " "The third?" "Luke. The progress in knowledge must accordingly be, in ordinary cases, slow, and the cultivation of moral principle must be, in such a case, entirely neglected. When to be refused. Cautions. When the precise moment arrives, the Study Card is drawn up, and at the sound of its little bell, all the scholars recline their heads upon their desks and unite with me in a very short prayer for God's protection and blessing during the day. You will all listen and endeavor to remember how the difficult ones are spelled. Instead of resolving to "rise earlier," resolve to rise at the ringing of the sunrise bells, or at some other definite time. With these views I could not, when writing on the duties of a teacher of the young, refrain from bringing distinctly to view, this, which has so imperious a claim. Now it is not very often that so fine an opportunity occurs, to kill, by a single blow, the disposition to do wilful, wanton injury, as this circumstance afforded; but the principle illustrated by it,--bringing forward individual cases of transgression, in a public manner, only for the hermitage hotel nashville sake of the general effect, and so arranging what is said and done as to produce the desired effect upon the public mind, in the highest degree, may very frequently be acted upon.

Hark! Charles! didn't you hear that dreadful noise just now? Wasn't it a bear? _Charles. " "Then rule lines for another column, just beyond this. ) Bring, very hermitage hotel nashville fully and frequently, before your pupils the practical duties of religion in all their details, especially their duties at home; to their parents and to their brothers and sisters. With these cautions, the method here alluded to will be found to be of very great advantage in many studies; for example, all the arithmetical tables may be recited in this way; words may be spelled, answers to sums given; columns of figures added, or numbers multiplied; and many questions in History, Geography, and other miscellaneous studies, answered, especially hermitage hotel nashville the general questions asked for the purpose of a review. | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-------+----+-----+------+-----+--+ +------+------+--+ +-----+-----+ | WED. But it does not succeed so well as to attract general attention, and consequently does not get into general circulation. Thus by means of the half hour during which the scholars are coming together, and of the hermitage hotel nashville visits made in the preceding evening, as described under the last head, the teacher will find, when he calls upon the children to take their seats, that he has made a very large number hermitage hotel nashville of them his personal friends.

I shall never reproach you, and hermitage hotel nashville hermitage hotel nashville perhaps may not even know what your choice is. That which is tedious and joyless to one, will be so to another, if pursued in the same way, and under the same circumstances. " "What is this?" The boys hesitate. This hermitage hotel nashville ought never to be exceeded. Do you like this plan?" "Yes sir," was the answer, and all seemed to enter into it with spirit. You can all see, I have no doubt, how you can considerably improve them, in mechanical execution, in hermitage hotel nashville your next lesson; and I suppose you would a little prefer that I should not see your first imperfect efforts.

Feel that you are his superior, and that you must and will enforce obedience; but with this feel, that probably obedience will be rendered, without any contest.

CLASSES. The arrangement which seems to me as well calculated as any for the religious exercises of a school, is this: 1. He revolves, over and over again in his mind, plans for changing the whole arrangement of his school. hermitage hotel nashville * * * * * Transcriber's Note: Summarized here are the corrections applied to the text. She hermitage hotel nashville forms opinions in one case, without grounds, and it depends merely upon accident, whether she does not, in other cases. { E. Bring your book to the teacher. This paper was posted up in a part of the room accessible to all. The reader will observe, too, that the method by which this explanation is made, is strictly in accordance with the principle I am illustrating,--which is by simply _dividing the process into short steps_. Thus the object is steadily pursued, hermitage hotel nashville though the means of pursuing it, are constantly changing. He is steeled, at such a moment, against any thing but mortification, and the desire to get out of the hands of the master; and he has an impression, that the teacher appeals to religious principles, only to assist him to sustain his own authority.

It interests them in the improvement of the school, exercises their judgment, establishes a common feeling hermitage hotel nashville between teacher and pupil, and in many other ways will assist very much in promoting the welfare of the school. This is a point of fundamental importance; for, if what I should say on the subject of exercising ingenuity and contrivance in teaching, should be the means, in any case, of leading a teacher to break in upon the regular duties of his school, and destroy the steady uniformity with which the great objects of such an institution should be pursued, my remarks had better never have been written. That I may be hermitage hotel nashville more distinct and specific, I shall class what I have to say, under separate heads. By this means we despatch business very rapidly. Let it be the teacher's hermitage hotel nashville aim to cooperate with, not vainly to attempt to thwart the designs of Providence. But he feels no _moral responsibility_ for another's guilt. I have often been surprised at the dexterity and speed with which some scholars can count with their fingers, when adding, and yet they could not get through the sum very, quick--at least they would have done it in half the time, if the same effort had been made in travelling on a shorter road. "I think a boy who uses bad language of any kind, does what he knows is wrong. It is true, and the fact interested me very much when I witnessed it, but I do not know that it will interest you now, merely to hear it repeated.

See p.

The plate is of tin, gilded, the border and the letters of the inscription being black. Do not, however, allow them to mistake morality for religion. Another case that more often happens, is, where one is actively and even intentionally bad, and is seated next to an innocent but perhaps thoughtless boy, and contrives to keep him always in difficulty. "Yes," said the teacher, "this is a great objection; it is often very inconvenient to write. By such means, these sources of interruption and difficulty may, like the others, be almost entirely removed. A teacher is confined, it is true, but not more than men of other professions and employments; not more than a merchant, and probably not as much. The second great difficulty of the teacher's employments, is _the immense multiplicity of the objects of his attention and care_, during the time he is employed in his business.

It is common hermitage hotel nashville to all, old and young. Nothing too much has been required of me. " "Right," said the master, "but would not the boys know this, and so all agree to let the little chestnuts stay, and not eat them while they were small?" William said he thought they would not. at the top. 19. " "You are right. * * * * * "Is it not right to allow prejudice, to hermitage hotel nashville have influence over our minds as far as this? If any thing comes to our knowledge, with which wrong seems to be connected, and one in whom we have always felt confidence is engaged in it, is it not right to allow our prejudice in favor of this individual to have so much influence over us, as to cause us to believe that all is really right, though every circumstance which has come to our knowledge is against hermitage hotel nashville such a conclusion? I felt this influence not many weeks since, in a very great degree. You have fallen into this practice through thoughtlessness; but that does not alter the character of the sin. It will be the most valuable knowledge which a man can possess, both to assist him in the general administration of the school, and in his intercourse among mankind in the business of life. Everything comes upon him at once. 2.

" That afternoon, when the lessons had been all recited, and it was about time to dismiss the school, hermitage hotel nashville the boys put away their books, and the master read a few verses in the Bible, and then offered a prayer, in which he asked God to forgive all the sins which any of them had committed that day, and to take care of them during the night. The exercises in writing were hermitage hotel nashville not interrupted or deranged. This number too, hermitage hotel nashville is recorded, and then the whole subject is dismissed. " "Does he go towards the west, or towards the east, from us?" "Towards the west. They then let down a rope with a hook in the end of it, from an iron crane, which projected over the side of the steamboat, and hooked it into a staple in the front of the small boat. Duties of superintendents. " "Why sir?" hermitage hotel nashville "Because I have observed that when two great friends are seated together, they are always more apt to whisper and play. One, at the close of school, addresses his charge hermitage hotel nashville as follows; "The moral character of any action, that is, whether it is right or wrong, depends upon the _motives_ with which it is performed. He goes on through college we will suppose, teaching from time to time in the vacations, as opportunity occurs, taking more and more interest in the employment, and meeting with greater and greater success.

hermitage hotel nashville Again, you make resolutions which are to run on indefinitely, so that of course, they can never be fully kept. 2.

Assign practical subjects,--subjects relating to the business of the school,--or hermitage hotel nashville the events taking place around you. The teacher who accustoms his pupils to confess their faults, voluntarily, ought to guard carefully hermitage hotel nashville against this danger. On the other hand, how miserable must any boy feel, if he has any nobleness of mind whatever, to go away from school, to-day, thinking that he has not been honest; that he has been trying to conceal his faults, and thus to obtain a credit which he did not justly deserve. In government, be yourself supreme, and let your hermitage hotel nashville supremacy be that of _authority_.

G. , until at last all were down. The principles of division of labor apply with peculiar force to this employment; so that you must not only consider whether the branch, which you are now disposed to introduce, is important, but whether it is really hermitage hotel nashville such an one as it is, on the whole, best to include among the objects to be pursued in such an institution. It is, in fact, the pleasure of exercising power. He throws greater interest into his school, and into all its exercises by the spirit with which he conducts them. I think there is nothing analogous to this moral connexion between teacher and pupil, unless it be in the case of a parent and child.

One boy is leaning back against a desk; another comes forward as far as possible, to get near the fire; the rest lounge in every position and in every attitude. If the exercise, hermitage hotel nashville to which the teacher is attending, consists merely in listening to the reciting, from memory, some passage committed, it can perhaps be done. I only try it, as a sort of intellectual experiment. " The boys obey, and eight or ten of them remain standing. The experiment is worth something as a pleasant and useful change, even if it is not permanently superior to the other. It was easily settled in the morning, for they had had time to get calm, hermitage hotel nashville and were, after sleeping away their anger, rather ashamed of the whole affair, and very desirous to have it forgotten. Let it be understood, however, that these cases are not selected with reference to their being strange, or extraordinary. " "Well, my object in that, was, almost entirely, to persuade you to reform, without having to speak to you directly. Such cases however never occur.

A number of little girls began hermitage hotel nashville to amuse themselves in recess with running about among the desks in pursuit of one another, and they told me, in excuse for it, that they hermitage hotel nashville did not know that it was "_against the rule_. " "Yes," said the instructer, "that is right, that is one kind of _profit_, but this is another and a little different," and he hermitage hotel nashville proceeded to explain the word, and the difference of the spelling. Case described. Form of the letter hermitage hotel nashville bad. ) In giving instruction on moral duty, the subject should be taken up generally, in reference to imaginary cases, or cases which are unknown to most of the scholars. 2. 3. for money; the second, F.

It is a very great improvement upon hermitage hotel nashville your common mode. Do you, or not, experience these inconveniences from our present plans?" The boys would undoubtedly answer in the affirmative. " The teacher then looks around the room, and selecting some hermitage hotel nashville intelligent boy who has influence among his companions, and whose influence he is particularly desirous of enlisting on the side of good order, says, "Shall I nominate some one to keep an account of this plan?" "Yes sir," say the boys. Now if you wish to resign your office, so as to have a little more time for your lessons, you can. "I should suppose hermitage hotel nashville that it would lead you to disregard the bell when it rings, and that consequently a gentleman hermitage hotel nashville or lady might sometimes ring in vain; the scholars near the door, saying, 'Oh it is only the little girls. "Yes," continues the teacher, "both these are common motives. Plan hermitage hotel nashville for providing them. And though you cannot always avoid this loss, you ought always to be aware of it, and so to shape your measures, as to diminish it as much as possible. (1. Left! Right! Left! Right!' The line was once more in order, and I observed a new army on the opposite side of the room, performing the same manoeuvres, hermitage hotel nashville hermitage hotel nashville always to the tune of 'Kendall's March. "Did you hear that noise?" said he.

It is of the first hermitage hotel nashville importance that he should become acquainted, as early as possible, with the characters of the boys, especially hermitage hotel nashville to learn who those are which are most likely to be troublesome. But far from having exaggerated the results, I am of opinion that I might have hermitage hotel nashville gone much farther. Stems not straight. Now remove the former away, where there are no very frail materials hermitage hotel nashville for him to act upon, and place the latter where he is exposed to no special temptation, and all would be well. The teacher must guard against some dangers, however, which will be likely to attend it.