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Besides, if a boy does something wrong, and you severely reprove him in the presence of his class, you punish the class, almost as much as you do him. For example, if a Superintendent thinks that one of her Section is in too high a class in Arithmetic, her duty is not to undertake, by her own authority, to remove her to a lower one, for, as Superintendent, she has no authority over Arithmetic classes; nor should she go the opposite extreme of saying, "I have no authority over aladdin games Arithmetic classes, and therefore I have nothing to do with this case. I do not recommend exactly this plan, but that some plan, precise and specific, should be determined upon, and exhibited to the school, by a diagram like the following. Precisely at the end of the half hour, it will ring again, when new classes aladdin games will take their places. The legislative power was vested in the hands of a general committee, consisting of eight aladdin games or ten, chosen by the students from their own number. A man is, in some degree, responsible aladdin games for his example, and for the consequences which may indirectly flow from his course, as well as for the immediate results which he produces. This is a subject upon which young persons find much difficulty. " When he reads it, let him state, that it was written at his request, and give the other boys permission to leave their proposals or questions on his desk, in the same way. By this plan, we have the responsibility resting where aladdin games it ought to rest, and yet the boys are trained to aladdin games business, aladdin games and led to take an active interest in the welfare of the school. " As he said this, many hands were successively raised, and at last, directions were given for them to begin to write.

Show them clearly what piety is, in its essence, and this you can do most successfully by exhibiting its effects. This servitude soon however, if he is a man of natural abilities, passes away: he learns to try one experiment after another, until he insensibly finds that a plan may succeed, even if it was not pursued by his former teacher. Each class goes on regularly and systematically, all its members keeping aladdin games exactly together in that study, but the various members of it will have aladdin games joined aladdin games a greater or less number of other classes, according aladdin games to their age, or abilities, or progress in study, so that all will or may have full employment for their time.

Perfect regularity and order necessary. for money; the second, F. " By the time the teacher has proceeded thus far, he finds, as he looks around the room, that the countenances of his pupils are assuming a listless and inattentive air. Now you may write, at the head of the first column, the word _Nouns_, and at the head of the second, _Nom.

4. Most of the class are pleased with aladdin games the experiment, and the teacher takes no notice of the few exceptions. I describe accurately, for I describe from recollection. As fast as you think of any thing, you may raise your hands, and as soon as I see a sufficient number up, I will give directions to begin. Example; arrangement of the Epistles in the New Testament. The first great difficulty which the teacher aladdin games feels, aladdin games is a sort of _moral responsibility for the conduct of others_. aladdin games

It is the motive of a vast number of the actions which are performed in this world. " That afternoon, when the lessons had been all recited, and it was about aladdin games time to dismiss the school, the boys put away their books, and the master read a few verses in the Bible, and then offered a prayer, in which he asked God to aladdin games forgive all the sins which any of them had committed that day, and to take care of them during the night. I hope however to show, in a future chapter, that there are other and far higher objects, which every teacher aladdin games ought to have in view, and he who understands these objects, and aims at accomplishing them,--who endeavors to _instruct_ his class, to enlarge and elevate their ideas, to awaken a deep and paramount interest in the subject which they are examining, will find that his time must be his own, and his attention uninterrupted, while he is presiding at a class. " "We may start the desks from their places," said one. Real republican government impracticable in schools. Oh, Emily! here's a brook, and I am sure we didn't pass any brook, going. That you may be prepared to bring moral and religious truths before their minds in the way I have described, your aladdin games own mind must take a strong interest in this class of truths. Here is one, whose aladdin games giddy spirit is always leading aladdin games him into difficulty, but who is of so open and frank a disposition, that you aladdin games will most easily lead him back to duty; but there is another, aladdin games who, when reproved, will fly into a passion; and there, a third, who will stand sullen and silent before you, when he has done wrong, aladdin games and is neither to be touched by kindness, nor awed by authority.

A few brief directions were given under each lesson, on the large sheet. A lawyer may read in an evening an interesting book of travels, and find nothing to help him with his case, the next day, in court,--but almost every fact which the aladdin games teacher thus learns, aladdin games will come _at once into use,_ in some of his recitations aladdin games at school. It is perhaps the first day of the school, and the teacher thinks he had better make an example aladdin games at the outset, and calls the boy out, knowing nothing about his general character, and inflicts some painful or degrading punishment before aladdin games all the school. In some schools, it is the custom to postpone cases of discipline, till the close of the day, and then, just before the boys are dismissed at night, all the difficulties are settled. Accordingly, at the next recess, as the teacher had anticipated, he went slyly to the lath, cut the string, then returned to his seat, aladdin games and drew the line in, rolled it up, and put it in his pocket. He began to show evident marks of embarrassment and confusion. The individual aladdin games will really devote more aladdin games time aladdin games and attention to his pursuits. May they spend the day pleasantly and happily together. So, if a teacher is explaining to a class in Grammar, the difference between a noun and verb, the explanation would do as well for several hundred, aladdin games as for the aladdin games dozen who constitute the class, if arrangements could only be made to have the hundreds hear it. "All those boys," said the teacher, pleasantly, "who have taken out pencils, may rise.

" "Proposed that we have locks upon our desks. When you attempt aladdin games to do any thing whatever, which conscience tells you is wrong, you only make yourself uneasy and anxious while you do it, and then you are forced to resort to concealment and deception, when you aladdin games see me coming. Her mother was always moved by her tears, and would not her aunt relent? No. You may take your slates with you, and after aladdin games you have had time to hear the lesson read slowly and carefully twice, I shall come and dictate to you the words aloud, and you will all write them from my dictation. _ Forty-eight cents.

2. There are many reasons why the exercises of the school should every day be thus commenced, and there are special reasons for it on the first day. Books, maps, aladdin games papers, playthings, are there in promiscuous confusion; and from the impulse of the moment, the displeased teacher pours out upon the poor boy a torrent of reproach. Such a lesson of fidelity and obedience, and such an example of it, will have more influence, than a half hour's aladdin games scolding aladdin games about whispering aladdin games without leave, or a aladdin games dozen public punishments. Every good school must be aladdin games systematic; but they need not all be on precisely the same system. ) Another way of calculating is to skip about the column, adding those numbers which you can do most easily, and then bringing in the rest as you best can. The opportunities aladdin games for doing this to advantage will, however, be rare. Miss B.

Hearing recitations. This of course confines him to what is, generally, common ground, among his particular employers.

" THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING BEHINDHAND. _ Wrong. The intercourse between teacher and pupil should be like that between parents and children, where the utmost freedom is united with the most perfect respect. You will soon become acquainted with aladdin games the aladdin games exercises and arrangements of the particular Section to which you will be assigned, and by taking an active interest in them, and endeavoring to co-operate with the Superintendent aladdin aladdin games games in all her measures, and to comply with her wishes, you will very materially add to her happiness, and do your part towards elevating the character of the circle to which you will belong. aladdin games If the teacher thinks that evil would result from the interruption aladdin games of the studies so often, he may offer the pupils _three_ minutes rest every _hour_, instead of aladdin games _two_ minutes every _half hour_, and let them take their choice; aladdin games or he may decide the case altogether himself. The card was at first down every half hour for one or two minutes.

_Miss S. " The teacher then described his conduct, in a mild manner, using the style of simple aladdin games narration,--admitting no harsh epithets,--no terms of reproach. That they should explore their _hearts_ and ask God's forgiveness for all their past sins, through Jesus Christ, who died for them that they might be forgiven; and that they should from this time, try to live _near to God_, feel his presence, and enjoy that solid peace and happiness which flows from a sense of his protection. aladdin games In applying this method, aladdin games however, the teacher should be very careful not to subdivide too much. Its object.

HELEN'S LESSON. The mechanic defends himself. In this way a large number of classes have been formed, and the wishes of parents or the opinion of the Principal, and in many cases that of the pupil, determines aladdin games how many and what shall be assigned to each individual. We wished to exhibit this in contrast with the harsh and impatient manner, which teachers too often assume in such aladdin games a case;--as follows. She was pale and thin in her countenance, but there was a very calm and happy expression beaming in her eye. 4. After having formed such a plan, and made such arrangements, he will look forward, almost with impatience, to the next writing hour. It was then stated to them, that the object in asking aladdin games them to vote, was, in some cases, to obtain an expression aladdin games of their opinion or their wishes, aladdin games in order to help _me_ decide; and only in those cases where it aladdin games was expressly stated, did I mean to give the final decision to them. They cannot be pointed out.

Of course, in such a plan as this, the teacher must have the usual editorial powers, to comment upon what is written, or to alter or aladdin games suppress it at pleasure. They are, in the nature of things, available to the extent I have represented, but, in actual practice, the full benefit cannot be derived. Reasons for the rule. "The class may rise.

Individuals not members of the Committee, can render assistance by any suggestions they may present to this Committee. If the plan is founded on some peculiar notions of your own, which would enable you to succeed in it, when others, also interested in such a scheme, would probably fail, consider whether there may not be danger that your plan may be imitated by others, who cannot carry it into successful operation, so that it may be the indirect means of doing injury.

_Opening of the School. The other who was of "sterner stuff," looked steadily into the master's face, and when his back was turned, shook his fist at him and laughed in defiance. He would be much aided in this by the previous knowledge which he would have obtained by private conversation, aladdin games as recommended under a former head. " The boy repeated it slowly, but correctly. e. It is of the first importance that he should become acquainted, as early as possible, with the characters of the boys, especially to learn who those are which are most likely to be troublesome.

In fact ten hours to study, seven aladdin games to sleep, and seven to food, exercise, and recreation, is perhaps as good an arrangement as can be made; at any rate, very few persons will suppose that such a plan allows aladdin games too little aladdin games under the latter head. I first requested each individual to write something upon her slate, which she would like to buy, if she was going a shopping, stating the quantity she wished and the price of it. " With the plan as thus presented, the scholars were very much aladdin games pleased. This common aladdin games ground, I shall endeavor briefly to describe. Advantage of visiting schools; and of reading descriptions of them.

Their _hearts_ are neglected and become very impure,--full of evil thoughts, and desires, and passions, which are not repented of, and consequently aladdin games not forgiven. aladdin games "Boys," said he, "do you know what this is?" One of the boys in the back seat, said, in a half whisper, "It is nothing but a chestnut burr.

"My duty to this school," said a teacher to his pupils, "demands, as I suppose you all admit, that I should require you all to be here punctually at the time appointed for the commencement of the school. So in every thing. While sitting in his desk, aladdin games giving his command to _begin_ line after line, and noticing the unbroken silence, and attention, and interest, which prevailed, (for each boy was interested to see how nearly with the master he could finish his work,) while presiding over such a scene, he must have been interested. It is, in fact, the pleasure of exercising power. Be constantly watchful and careful, not only to maintain intimate communion with God, and to renew it daily aladdin games in your seasons of retirement, but guard your conduct.

Does he notice a child's ringing a door bell in play? He notices when a child is willing to yield to temptation, to do what aladdin games she knows to be wrong, and to act, even in the slightest trifle, from a selfish aladdin games disregard for the convenience of others. The teacher must not be surprised, if some aladdin games things connected with his own administration, come in, sometimes, for aladdin games a share. And teaching, if it is pleasant, animating, aladdin games and exciting to one, may be so to all. On the second day, Peterborough was sung with much greater confidence on the part of the increased number of singers. He is tracing on a most interesting field, the operation of cause and effect.

"I have no objection to your sitting together, if you could only resist the temptation to play. 105 CHAPTER V. " There were, of course, many boys, aladdin games who felt that they were in danger. " "Would that be about right?" asks the girl, showing a distance. This you have already said will take six hours. Each is attended with its peculiar advantages. aladdin games

,' said a teacher, 'how many kinds of magnitude are there?' _Miss A. He is a bad boy, and likes to turn his ingenuity to purposes of mischief. aladdin games * * * * * If the teacher then, will confine aladdin games himself aladdin games to such a portion of time, as is, in fact, all he can advantageously employ, there will be much left which can be devoted to his own private employment,--more than is usual in the other employments of life. SCHEMING. All those things which are alike, should be arranged together. If they should attempt it, it must be done cautiously and gradually. " "But aladdin games I want to get my aladdin games lesson now. 2.

Showing the connexion between the studies of school and the business of life. Either of these would aladdin games secure success, unless the plan was a very bad one indeed. Her next neighbor was then requested to tell us how much the purchase would amount to; then the first one named a bill, which she supposed aladdin games to be offered aladdin games in payment, and the second showed what change was needed. Tardiness; plan for punishing it. The knowledge which such an examination of character will give you, will not be confined to making you aladdin games acquainted with the individual. " "I want to remove the evil, however, in the pleasantest way. Time lost upon fruitless aladdin games schemes. Now I did not tell you to make the margins _exactly_ an inch, and half an inch, but only as near as you could tell. The first attempt nearly resulted in a failure; only a few trembling voices succeeded in singing Old Hundred, to the words, "Be thou," &c. _ Oh, dear! there's the sun setting. The father who is most firm and decisive in his family government, can mingle most freely in the conversation and sports of his children without any derogation of his authority, or diminution of the respect they owe.