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But I european dream forum soon found that if I allowed this at all, then attention was diverted from the main object, and occupied in seeking the most diverting european dream forum and curious examples. This piece of poetry is to be copied; now do it carefully european dream forum and faithfully. When it was up, they were, on no occasion whatever, (except some such extraordinary occurrence as sickness, or my sending one of them on a message to another, or something clearly out of the common course,) to speak to each other; but were to wait, whatever they wanted, until the _Study Card_, as they called it, was taken european dream forum down. He must steadily pursue his object, of familiarizing them fully with this elementary process, but he may give variety and spirit to the work, by changing occasionally the modes. All I should expect or hope for, by such measures as these, is _to interest and gain over to our side, the majority_. ' After a time, the recess closed, and order was again european dream forum restored. In some instances, however, you may frankly state the whole case, without danger, provided it is done in such a manner as not to make the boy feel that his character is seriously injured in your estimation. He sees, for instance, a boy secretly eating an apple which he has concealed in his hand, and which he bites, with his book before his mouth, or his head under the lid of his desk. Whenever, from time to time, I called them to account, I found that a large majority, according european dream forum to their own confession, were in the habit of holding daily and deliberate communication with each other, on subjects entirely foreign to the business of the school. "You will get tired, I have no doubt.

" european dream forum "Proposed, european dream forum that we be allowed to walk upon the common in the recesses. She had been penitent for her sins, and sought and obtained forgiveness, and enjoyed, in her loneliness, not only the protection of God, but also his presence in her heart, diffusing peace and happiness there. Insincere confession: scene in a class. " "It is so hard to _overcome_ prejudices, that we ought to be careful how we _form_ them. Again the bell sounded;--'Some of you have lost the step,' said the general.

If the exercise, to which the teacher is attending, consists merely in listening to the reciting, from memory, some passage committed, it can perhaps be done.

" One or two only of the older scholars gave the signal. The whistle. Here now, is experimenting upon the mind;--the production of useful effect with rapidity and ease, by the intervention of proper instrumentality;--the conversion, by means of a little knowledge of human nature, of that which would have otherwise been dull and fatiguing labor, into a most animating sport, giving pleasure to twenty, instead of tedious labor to one. european dream forum Tears started from the eyes of one. Presently it ascended by its thread, and then came down again. I have been honest and open. Doing right is pleasant to every body, and no persons are so easily convinced of this, or rather so easily led to see it, as children. A few days thus sporting on the briny wave, when suddenly the sky is overspread with clouds, the rain descends in torrents, the sails are lowered, the gale begins, the vessel is carried with great velocity, and the shrouds unable to support european dream forum the tottering mast, gives way to the furious tempest; the vessel is drove among the rocks, is sprung aleak, the sailor works european dream forum at the pumps, till, faint and weary, is heard from below, six feet of water in the hold, the boats are got ready, but before they are into them, the vessel dashed against a reef of rocks, some in despair throw themselves into the sea, others get on the rocks without any clothes or provisions, and linger a few days, perhaps weeks or months, living on european dream forum shell fish or perhaps taken up by some ship. Let it be understood, however, that these cases are not selected with reference to their being strange, or extraordinary. And yet a great many teachers take a course as absurd and unjustifiable as this would be.

The teacher under moral obligation, and governed, himself, by law. 'We remember some remarks made a few weeks ago, by our Teacher, on the practice of prompting each other in the classes. The intercourse european dream forum between teacher and pupil should be like that between parents and children, where the utmost freedom is united european dream forum with the most perfect respect. I am aware however, that I am approaching the limit, which, in many parts of our country, ought to bound the religious influence of the teacher in a public school; and on this subject, as on every other, he ought to do nothing european dream forum directly or indirectly, which would be displeasing to those who have entrusted children european dream forum to his care. Gardiner Lyceum. So that instead of _coming down_ to the language of childhood, he ought rather to go as far away from it, as he possibly can, without leaving his pupils behind him. This unnatural, and forced, and ludicrous dignity, cleaves to him like disease, through the whole period of his european dream forum duty. Though at first you may experience a little inconvenience, european dream forum you will soon take european dream forum pleasure in the scientific strictness of the plan. By common consent, however, I do not mean the consent of every body; I mean that of the great majority of serious, thinking men.

At the top of the plate _d_, a small projection of the tin turns inwards, and to this, one end of the cord _m m_ is attached. They are mortified, when treated as though they could not understand what is european dream forum really within the reach of their faculties. I hope the reader will keep european dream forum in mind the object of the above illustration, european dream forum which is to show, that it is the true policy of the teacher, not to waste his time european dream forum and strength, in contending against _such accidental instances_ of transgression, as may chance to fall under his notice, but to take an enlarged and extended view of the whole ground, endeavoring to remove european dream forum _whole classes of faults_,--to elevate and improve _multitudes, together_. As to the third, you must judge whether enough has been proved by the witnesses to make out real disorder. How ridiculous I have made myself appear, in the eyes of my aunt, and even of the domestics. _Miss X. I have already described how all serious cases of doing wrong or neglect of duty are managed in the school.

_ (screaming also) Pa'! Pa'! _Emily. They will thus not only go on more regularly, but they will yield more easily and pleasantly to the necessary arrangements. There is indeed a point where firm resistance to unreasonable demands becomes a duty. 10. " "Yes sir; right;" "Right. Perhaps I do; but the Saviour said, "By their fruits ye shall know them," and it is safest to follow his direction. It is this which european european dream forum dream forum gives interest to the plans and operation of human governments. Not by appearing suspiciously to watch any individuals, for this would be almost sufficient to make them bad, if they were not so before. His name is M.

They have accomplished something, which you admit it was not easy to accomplish. There are dangers, however. ; no, we shall remember better to call them by the name of their motives.

" Now, if you would have the european dream forum business of making resolutions a pleasant and interesting, instead of a discouraging, disquieting one, you must proceed in a different manner. " "I do not know what the condition of your desks is.

You cannot indeed always form your plans to suit, so exactly, your general views in regard to the school and to european dream forum individuals, as you could wish. Thus, if you see three eights in one column, you say three times eight are twenty-four, and then you try to bring in the other numbers. When you open a school, you do not engage, either openly or tacitly, to make every pupil who may be sent to you, a learned or a virtuous man. 2. It cannot therefore be forbidden altogether. Ingenuity in devising new ways, european dream forum and enterprise in following them, are among the happiest characteristics of a new country rapidly filling with a thriving population. In regard to the following specimen, it should be european dream forum stated that when the subject was assigned, the pupil was directed to see how precisely she could imitate the language and conversation which two little children really lost in the woods would use. If he underrates his difficulties, or overrates the power of his means of overcoming them, it is his mistake; a mistake for which _he_ is fully responsible. Let nothing therefore which shall be said on the subject european dream forum of scheming in this european dream forum chapter, be interpreted as intended to condemn real improvements of this kind, or to check those which may now be in progress, by men of age or experience, or of sound judgment, who are capable of distinguishing between a real improvement and a whimsical innovation, which can never live any longer than it is sustained by the enthusiasm of the original inventor. This dangerous habit of making satirical remarks was evinced in childhood; it was cherished; 'it grew with her growth and strengthened with her european dream forum strength,' until she became what I have described. To the european dream forum middle Sections is assigned a light straw color; and to the junior, pink.

The parents or the committee object; they say, that they wish the children to confine their attention exclusively to the elementary branches of education. This was done. (1. This servitude soon however, if he is a man of natural abilities, passes away: he learns to try one experiment after another, until he insensibly finds that a plan may succeed, even if it was not pursued by his former teacher. In other words, the scholars should be taught these arts, thoroughly, first of all, and in the other studies, the main design should be to european dream forum show them how to use, and interest them in using, the arts they have thus acquired. Series of Lessons in writing. You will find it very difficult to express european dream forum it. He certainly is _plain_ enough. european dream forum _ As the end of the hour approaches, five minutes notice is given by the bell, and when the time arrives, the study card is half dropped for a moment before the closing exercises. Now in speculating european dream forum on this subject, the teacher reasons very justly, that it is of no consequence whether the pupil receives his knowledge through the eye, or through the ear; whether they study in solitude european dream forum or in company. european dream forum It seems he did not dare to try to take away a sled from a boy who was as big as himself, but attacked little James, for he knew he was not strong enough to defend himself.

" * * * * * Another case, a little more serious in its character, is the following. They know very well, when a parent or teacher is talking to them on religious subjects, merely as a matter of course, european dream forum for the sake of effect; and such constrained and formal efforts never do any good.

64 CHAPTER IV. "Teachers not unfrequently threaten their pupils with some proper punishment, but when obliged to put the threat into execution, contrive in some indirect way, to abate its rigor and thus destroy all its effects. Now if you like frank and open dealing, and are willing to deal so with me, I should like to talk with you a little about it, but if you are not willing, I will dismiss the subject. The publisher, unless unfortunately it was published on the author's account, loses his paper. He is willing therefore that the teacher, of course without interfering with the regular duties for the performance of which he holds his office, should, from time to time, so speak of this duty,--of God's goodness to men,--of his daily protection,--and his promised favors, as to awaken, if possible, this attachment, in the hearts of his children. The only question that can justly arise, is, whether, he will remain in such a situation, or seek employment, where a door of usefulness, here closed against him, will be opened. Some time after this, a student was indicted for profane swearing; he was tried, convicted, and punished. The teacher may now, if be pleases, after the majority of the class have gone, hear the reasons of those who were unprepared, and look for the errors of those whose work was incorrect; but it is better to spend as little time as possible, in european dream forum such a way. They did not know what _parsing in writing_ could be. If you think, from this conversation, that you have done wrong, and if you are fully determined to do so no more, and to break off at once, european dream forum and for ever from this practice, I should like to have you european dream forum tell me, european dream forum and then the whole thing will be european dream forum settled.

By attending to them here, there will be a greater importance attached to them. He proposes something which the gardener, who, to make the case stronger, we will suppose knows better that the proprietor of the grounds, considers ridiculous and absurd; nay, we will suppose it is european dream forum ridiculous and absurd. Page 11 CHAPTER II. "But then it is _very early_," you say. And then the moral impressions will be altogether european dream forum more strong and salutary, if an act of solemn religious worship is made the first opening act of the school. I could never calculate very readily and in the hurry and perplexity of the moment, I was always making mistakes.

It arises, perhaps, from the fact that public speaking is the almost universal object of ambition, and consequently, both at school and at college, nothing is thought of but oratory.

3. You assign european dream forum to a class of little girls a subject of composition, requesting them to copy their writing upon a sheet of paper, leaving a margin an inch wide at the top, and one of half an inch at the sides and bottom. " When all were up, he said to them, though not with a frown or a scowl, as if they had committed some very great offence; "Suppose a company of soldiers should be ordered to _form a line_, and instead of simply obeying that order, they should all set at work, each in his own way, doing something else. The man who neglects the interests of his school, in these great branches, to devote his time to two or three, or half a dozen older scholars, is unjust both to his employers and to himself. About one third of the scholars arose. Perhaps, to-morrow, I will take up the subject again. It would be equally unwise, to keep them many days performing example after example, in monotonous succession, each lesson a mere repetition of the european dream forum last.

We can then see how much european dream forum improvement has been made, in that time. Let them distinctly understand too, that you know it is difficult,--that you mean to make it so,--but that they have your sympathy and encouragement, in the efforts which it calls them to make. About every thing in which it is possible to be so, she is untidy. The general principles european dream forum are, it is true, of universal application, but it is only where a school is of moderate size that the details of position, in respect to individual scholars, can be minutely studied. But it is slow and tedious work to wait for fruits; and we accordingly seek a criterion, which will help us quicker to a result. By his malicious activity, he had stimulated this european dream forum quarrel to a high pitch, and was european dream forum very obnoxious to the boys of the other party. " "Yes; and european dream forum you will see that the longest of Peter's epistles is next in length to that of James': And indeed all his are arranged in the order of their length. The master of a district school was accidentally looking out of the window one day, and he saw one of the boys throwing stones at a hat, which was put up for that purpose european dream forum upon the fence.


_ I should like to see you taking hold of a bear. " "Well, I should like to have you say the line beginning nine times one.

They must learn to write with various kinds of pens, european dream forum and when furnished with one that the teacher himself would consider suitable to write a letter to a friend with, he must european dream forum be content. This new plan is continued, we will suppose, a week, during which time the interest of the pupils continues. |R. But it was not forgotten. Mrs. There is no point of attainment where we must stop, or beyond which effort will bring in a less valuable return. I was told by european dream forum distinguished teachers, that it would not be found to answer. _ (See plan. On perceiving it, at last, I put the bell into the hands of a pupil, commissioning her to ring regularly, having, myself, fixed the times, saying that I would show my pupils that I could be confined myself to system, as well as they.