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Case described. As you will pill identifier perceive by recalling to mind the daily order of exercises, the classes meet and recite during the first three hours of the school, and the pill identifier sections assemble on the fourth and last. The boy went regularly onward to the end. 'Miss A. For instance, it is generally pill identifier the case whenever a recitation is attended in the corner yonder, that an end of one of the benches is put against the door, so as to occasion a serious interruption to the exercises when a person wishes to come in or go out. "You may have," continues pill identifier the teacher, "the words read to you once, or twice, just as pill identifier you please. They cannot be pointed out. This information must of course be pill identifier obtained in private conversation; a good deal of it must be, from its very nature, highly confidential; but it is very important pill identifier pill identifier that the teacher should be possessed of it. Vain attempts at oratory, result in nine cases out of ten, in grandiloquence and empty verbiage;--common thoughts expressed in pompous periods. " "You may decide this question yourselves.

I shall never reproach pill identifier you, and perhaps may not even know what your choice is. A child comes to you, for example, and says, "Will you tell me, sir, where the next lesson is?" "Were you not in the class at the time?" "Yes sir, but I have forgotten. Men look only at the outward conduct, but God looks at the heart. pill identifier 2. Look," continues he, holding up the lid, so that the boys in the neighborhood can look in; "see what a mass of disorder and confusion. _Emily. This department of our pill identifier literature offers a fine field for the efforts of learning and genius. You will, however, after a few such instances, soon learn to make your preparations before hand, and if you are a girl of enlarged views and elevated feelings, you will good humoredly acquiesce in suffering a little inconvenience yourself, for the sake of helping to preserve those _distinct_ and well _defined_ lines, by which all boundaries must be marked, in a large establishment, if order and system are to be preserved at all. Mrs. ' pill identifier A fourth began, 'Are you acquainted with that new scholar?' 'No; but I don't believe I shall like her.

" The reader now will observe that the grand peculiarity of the instructions given by this last teacher, as distinguished from those of the first, consists in this; that the parts of the subject are presented _in detail_, and in _particular exemplification_.

The teacher under moral obligation, and governed, himself, by law. 3. The system which it describes is one, which gradually grew up in the institution under the writer's care. Men look only at the outward conduct, but God looks at the heart. Even those who are firmly determined to keep the rule, will, from inadvertence, for a day or two, make communication with each other. He at length conceived and adopted the following plan. I am not going to punish you,--but I want you to be open and honest about it. " "Will you turn to 1 Samuel xvi: 7. He could play with the boys beyond the garden gate, and if detected, to be sure he was obliged to spend a quiet hour in the pleasant parlor. It will be hard for you, unless your mind is uncommonly well disciplined, to dismiss all your cares; and you will pill identifier think, each evening, that some peculiar emergency demands your attention, _just at that time_, and that as soon pill identifier as you have passed the crisis, you will confine yourself to what you admit are generally reasonable limits. Strokes rough.

The possibility of being inflexibly firm in measures, pill identifier and at the same time gentle and mild in manners and language, is happily illustrated in the following description, which is based on an incident narrated by Mrs. The evil was entirely removed, and had it not afforded me a convenient illustration pill identifier here, perhaps I should never have thought of it again,--still it may not yet be _forgiven_. The time to attend to _them_, will come by and by. Additions are thus made, until your time is fully occupied. He ought occasionally to say to such an one, "I perceive you do not answer;" and ask him questions individually. pill identifier Whenever, from pill identifier time to time, pill identifier I pill identifier called them to account, I found that a large majority, according to their own confession, were in the habit pill identifier of holding daily and deliberate communication with each other, on subjects entirely foreign to the business of the school. I guess if he should come near me, I would give him one good slap that would make him feel pretty bad. I should like to try the experiment of your standing thus, at the next lesson.

pill identifier He should ascertain what is the existing state of his school, both as to knowledge and character;--how long, generally, his pupils are to remain under his care,--what are to be their future stations and conditions in life, and what objects he can reasonably hope to effect for them, while they remain under his influence. It is therefore the pill identifier plain duty of every man, pill identifier to establish that connexion between himself and his Maker, which the Bible requires, and to do what he can to bring others to the peace and happiness of piety. It might have been a single accidental error. Besides giving the scholars the necessary intellectual instruction, there are, as I have already remarked, a great many other points which must receive attention, in order to promote their pill identifier progress, and to secure the regular operation and general welfare of the school. "Yes," said I, "they are fastened down very slightly, pill identifier so that I may easily alter their position. In the recitation in Rhetoric, the teacher, after a time, observed that one or two of the class seldom answered appropriately the questions which came to them; but yet, were always ready with some kind of answer--generally an exact quotation of the words pill identifier of the book. " Now, pill identifier if you would have the business of making resolutions a pleasant and pill identifier interesting, instead of a discouraging, disquieting one, you must proceed in a different manner. By this means, if it is done in such a way as to secure the influence of the school on the right side, many good effects are sometimes attained. ) pill identifier By reading them in teacher's meetings. But the best plan is, for the teacher not to mend the pens himself.

There is but one way of doing this, and pill identifier that is raising the personal characters and attainments of teachers themselves. When you attempt to do any thing whatever, which conscience tells you is wrong, you only make yourself uneasy and anxious while you do it, and then pill identifier you are forced to resort to concealment and deception, when you see me pill identifier coming.

Too tall, or too short. " "Love of money," or perhaps other answers are heard, from the various parts of the room. "I was talking to you yesterday about the motives of action; how many had I made?" Some say, "Four," some "Five," some "Six. Perhaps I do; but the pill identifier Saviour said, "By their fruits ye shall know them," and it is safest to follow his direction. The boys all look up, wondering what it is to be. VERNON SCHOOL. Feel that you are his superior, and that you must and will enforce obedience; but with this feel, that probably obedience will be rendered, without any contest. The _written replies_, are more thorough, but they require more time, and attention, and while they habituate the pupil to express his thoughts in writing, they would, if exclusively adopted, fail to accustom him to an equally important practice, that of the oral communication of his pill identifier thoughts.

The teacher said nothing about the subject, and the boy soon supposed it pill identifier was entirely forgotten. They whisper and leave their seats whenever they think it necessary. His business, while pursued in such a way, could not have been a mere dull and uninteresting routine. I have found some; and every successful teacher who reads this, will probably call some to mind, some which have occurred in the course of his own experience. | +-------------+--------------------+-----------------+ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | pill identifier | | | | | | | +-------------+--------------------+-----------------+ A drawing on a large sheet, made by some of the older scholars, (for a teacher should never do pill identifier any thing of this kind which his scholars can do for him,) should be made and pasted up to view, the names of the classes being inserted in the columns, under their respective heads. I could never calculate very readily and in the hurry and perplexity of the moment, I was always making mistakes. Suppose, for instance, a teacher has explained to a large class in grammar, the pill identifier difference between an adjective and an adverb: if he leave it here, in a fortnight, one half would pill identifier have forgotten the distinction, but by dwelling upon it, a few lessons, he may fix it for ever. "All those pill identifier boys," said the teacher, pleasantly, "who have taken out pencils, pill identifier may rise. When the time for closing school arrived, I requested each young lady to write the name of her parent or guardian upon the paper, and opposite to it, his place of business.

It is not however, as is generally supposed, _the confinement_. pill identifier

_ When the school was first established, there pill identifier was no absolute prohibition of whispering. Let us suppose then that the hour for closing school has come. "Do you remember the noise to which I called your attention early this afternoon? "Yes, sir. _ In consequence of the large number of my pupils, and the constant occupation of my time pill identifier in school, I have scarcely any opportunity of religious conversation with them, even with those who particularly desire it. If so, the teacher pill identifier will subdivide the question, on the principle we pill identifier are explaining, so as to pill identifier make the steps such that the pupils _can_ take them. " When all were up, he said to them, though not with a frown or a scowl, as if they had committed some very great offence; "Suppose a company of soldiers should be ordered to _form a line_, and instead of simply obeying that order, they pill identifier should all set at work, each in his own way, doing something else. Remember then, as, for the first time you take your new station, that it is not your duty, pill identifier simply to watch with an eagle eye for those accidental instances of transgression, which may chance pill identifier to fall under your notice; you are to look over the whole ground; you are to make yourself acquainted, as soon as possible, with the classes of character, and classes of faults, which may prevail in your dominions, and pill identifier to form deliberate and well digested plans, for improving the one and correcting the other. " The students responded to this appeal most heartily.

1. It is this: "Last vacation, pill identifier I was travelling in a remote and thinly settled country, among the mountains, in another state; I was riding with a gentleman on an almost unfrequented road. I propose, therefore, that you appoint pill identifier a committee in whose abilities and judgment you can confide, and let them examine this subject and report. We propose that pill identifier the following question be now put to vote. There are various pill identifier circumstances connected with the nature of this employment; the impossibility of the employers fully understanding it in all its details; and the character and the standing of the teacher himself, which always will, pill identifier in matter of fact, prevent this. " One or two only of the older scholars gave the signal. As he walks out, some afternoon, weary with his labors, and endeavoring to forget, for a little pill identifier time, all his cares, he comes upon a group of boys, in rude and noisy quarrels, or engaged in mischief of some sort, and his heart sinks within him. Consider whether it will succeed in the hands of ordinary teachers. There may be, here and there, a theological student, or a contributor to the columns of a polemical magazine, who ranks Jesus Christ with Moses and with Paul. " The accused soon came in, and the two boys stood together before the master.

In a word, if the teacher is really honest and sincere in his wish to lead his pupils to the worship of God, he will find no serious difficulty in preventing the abuses and avoiding the dangers which some might fear, and in accomplishing vast good, both in promoting the prosperity of the school, and in the formation of the highest and best traits a individual character. Why didn't you know bears were stronger than men? But only see how dark it grows; we shan't see Ma' to-night, I'm afraid. Let the teacher mention this, expose, kindly, the motive which leads to it, and tell pill identifier them it is as irregular to answer before the rest, as after them. They were pill identifier often, very often, enjoined to be conscientious and faithful, but as might have been pill identifier anticipated, the experiment failed.

" "Yes sir," said pill identifier both the boys. "Those who are now standing," pursued the teacher, "admit that they do, sometimes at least, commit this sin. It is to provide a way, by which teachers and pupils may write, anonymously, for the school. They brought him presently a rough scrap of paper, with the figures marked upon it. I say thirty or forty, for the young teacher's first school will usually be a small one. They were all required to begin together, he pill identifier himself beginning at the same time, and writing about as fast as he thought they ought to write, in order to secure the highest improvement.

Vernon School? The answer is there are no punishments. I hope it will not be so with you. _A story for school-boys. The exercise may be infinitely varied, and yet pill identifier the object of pill identifier the whole may be, to make _perfectly familiar_, and to fix for ever in the mind, the distinction explained. The complainant came to me, and appealed to my recollection of the circumstance. The teacher, too, feels a special interest in his experiment. Perfect regularity and order necessary. The time for calling the school to order, and commencing exercises of some sort, will at length arrive, though if the work of making personal acquaintances is going on pleasantly, it may perhaps be delayed a little pill identifier beyond the usual hour.

I mean the degree of influence which the boys themselves shall have in the management of its affairs. In fact, a right understanding of this subject, is, in most cases, absolutely essential pill identifier to the harmony and co-operation of the teacher, and the representatives of his patrons. List of subjects. There pill identifier is perhaps no way, by which a writer can more effectually explain his views on the subject of education, than by presenting a great variety of actual cases, whether real or imaginary, and describing particularly the course pill identifier of treatment he would recommend in each. This method may be made more formal still, by requiring a class to write a full and regular abstract of all they have learned, during a specified time. The rest of the class are waiting, and having nothing good to do, the temptation pill identifier is almost irresistible to do something bad. " There is a pause,--the teacher hesitating what to do. In fact, a large proportion pill identifier of the offences against order committed in school are the mere momentary action of the natural buoyancy and life of childhood. How much is four times five?--Four _and_ five? How much is seven times nine?--Seven _and_ nine? Eight times six?--Eight _and_ six? Nine times seven?--Nine _and_ seven?" After asking a few questions of this kind, it was perceived that the pupils could tell much more readily what was the result pill identifier when the numbers were to be multiplied, then when they were to be added.

pill identifier Many hours of the day, too, they are entirely removed from our inspection, and a few months will take them away from us altogether. He thinks he addresses his pupils pill identifier in the right manner, and overlooks, altogether, the real peculiarities, in which the power to interest the young depends. A teacher having had some trouble with a rude and savage-looking boy, made some inquiry respecting him out of school, and incidentally learned pill pill identifier identifier that he had once or twice before openly pill identifier rebelled against the authority of the school, and that he was now, in the recesses, actually preparing a club with which he was threatening to defend himself, if the teacher should attempt pill identifier to punish him. ("Yes sir. If the chestnuts were good, he was afraid they would pick them off and eat them, if they were small.