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The father who is most firm and decisive in his family government, can mingle most freely in the conversation and sports of his children without any derogation of his authority, or diminution of the sandra romain at freeones respect they owe. " "Have I ever treated any boy or girl in this school unjustly or unkindly?" "No sir;" "No sir. The school-room is in reality, a little empire of mind. "Do you prefer sitting together, or are you willing to have me separate you?" "We should rather sit together, sir, if you are willing," says George. There may be variety in methods and plan; but through all this variety, the school, and every individual pupil of it, must go steadily forward in the acquisition of that knowledge which is of greatest importance in the business of future sandra romain at freeones life. It must depend upon the tact and judgment of the teacher, to determine upon the particular course to be pursued in the several cases, though he ought to keep these general principles in view in all. Teaching a pupil to read, before he enters upon the active business of life, is like giving a new settler an axe, as he goes to seek his new home in the forest. To inquire of their several teachers as to the progress they make in study, and the faithfulness and punctuality with which they prepare their lessons. The teacher may, it is true, have his option either to comply with their wishes or to seek employment in another sphere; but while he remains in the employ of any persons, whether in teaching or in any other service, he is bound to yield to the wishes of his employers, when they insist upon it, and to submit pleasantly to their direction, when they shall claim their undoubted right to direct. A physician is confined in a different way, but more closely sandra romain at freeones than a teacher: he can never leave home: he knows generally no vacation, and nothing but accidental rest.

Which do you think you should rather do?" The boys hesitate, look at one another, and presently say that they had rather sit together. In one case, where such a circumstance occurred, the teacher managed it most successfully, in the following way. sandra romain at freeones When such a change takes place, it relieves the mind from that constant and irritating uneasiness, which the great mass of mankind feel as a constant burden; the ceaseless forebodings of a troubled conscience, reproaching them for their past accumulated guilt, sandra romain at freeones and warning them of a judgment to come.

In other cases suggestions may occur to the mind of the reader, which may modify in some degree his present plans. Sometimes the case will be merely stated, the reader being left to draw the inference; at others, such remarks will be added as the case suggests. sandra romain at freeones They are mortified, when treated as though they could not understand what is really within the reach of their faculties.

They pulled upon the rope attached to the little boat, until they drew it alongside. " "Would that be about right?" asks the girl, showing a distance. Some are descriptions of literary exercises or plans which the reader can adopt in classes, or with a whole school; others are cases of discipline,--good or bad management, which the teacher can imitate or avoid. Suppose twenty, of the most successful teachers sandra romain at freeones in New England would write such a description, each of his own school, how valuable would be the volume which should contain them! With these views, I have concluded to devote one chapter to a description of the school which has been for four years under sandra romain at freeones my care. Be cautious sandra romain at freeones sandra romain at freeones therefore on this point, and in the survey of your pupils which you make during the first few days of your school, trust to nothing but the most sure and unequivocal evidences of character; for many of your most docile and faithful pupils will be found among those whose appearance at first prepossessed you strongly against them. It is only the association of the children for those purposes which can be more successfully accomplished by association. The Secretaries and Accountants are sandra romain at freeones appointed by the Principal, and will generally be chosen from the teachers.

Before I explain this mode I wish to ask you some questions which I should like to have you answer as quick as you can. You can ask any questions in regard to the subject, questions about the nature of prejudice, or the causes of it, or the remedy for it. "I have nothing but a simple story to tell sandra romain at freeones you to-night. This feeling of interest in the institution may very easily be awakened. Only three cases of whispering sandra romain at freeones among them have occurred to our knowledge. | +-------------+--------------------+-----------------+ sandra romain at freeones | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-------------+--------------------+-----------------+ A drawing on a large sheet, made by some of the older scholars, (for a teacher should never do any thing of this kind which his scholars can do for him,) should be made and pasted up to view, the names of the classes being inserted in sandra romain at freeones the columns, under their respective heads. The second case in which you may leave your seat is when some very uncommon occurrence takes place which is sufficient reason for suspending all rules. ' "'They seem to be very sandra romain at freeones busy; they are very industrious, good boys. &c.

I do not mean that this will be the case with all, but that there will be a few, who will be ungenerous enough, if you allow them to decide, sometimes, sandra romain at freeones to endeavor to make trouble, or at least to show symptoms of impatience and vexation, because you do not allow them sandra romain at freeones to decide always.

" "Well, I should like to have you say the line beginning nine times one. Human responsibility. "It will do them no good," says sandra romain at freeones the chairman of the committee, "to learn by heart some dozen or two of learned names. In fact all mechanical employments have, within a few years risen in rank, in this country, not through the influence of efforts to impress the community directly with a sense of their importance, but simply because mechanics themselves have risen in intellectual and moral character. It may seem strange that I should speak so seriously of God's forgiveness for such a trifle as that. Whispering, making signs, writing upon paper sandra romain at freeones or a slate, bowing to any one,--and in fact, _every_ possible way, by which one person may have any sort of mental intercourse with another, sandra romain at freeones is wrong. The scholars all look up from their work;--the culprits slowly rise from their seats, and with a sullen air come down to the floor. Tears started from sandra romain at freeones the eyes of one. |G.

In other words what are the punishments which are resorted to in the Mt. Too tall, or too short.

Two ways of remedying the evil.

Nature of piety. Each scholar may write what is his own greatest trouble in school, and whether sandra romain at freeones he thinks any thing can be done to remove it. Let the teacher mention this fault, expose sandra romain at freeones the motive which leads to it, and tell them that, if they do not answer independently, and at once, they had better not answer at all. Each one may take one of the papers which have been sandra romain at freeones distributed, and you may write upon them any thing you please relating to the subject. It may be unavoidable; part of it unquestionably is, like the friction of machinery, unavoidable. This set, formal sandra romain at freeones mannerism is entirely inconsistent with that commanding, intellectual sandra romain sandra romain at freeones at freeones influence, which the teacher should exert in the administration of his school. "My plan," continues the teacher, "is this:--to allow you all, besides the recess, a short time, two or three minutes perhaps, every hour;" (or every half hour, according to the sandra romain at freeones character of the school, the age of the pupils, or other circumstances, to be judged of by the teacher,) "during which you may all whisper or leave your seats, without asking permission. They murmured for a time, and at last openly complained.

2. sandra romain at freeones

I know of but one exception, which any man whatever would be inclined to make, to this principle; and that is, where the parent would, if left to himself, take such a course, as would ultimately make his children _unsafe members of society_. All I should expect or hope for, by such measures as these, is _to interest and gain over to our side, the majority_. You perceive there is nothing definite,--nothing fixed about it. How many cases occur, in the schools of our country, where the boy brings his slate to the teacher, saying he cannot do a certain sum. Now many persons have committed the addition table, so that it is perfectly familiar to them, and when they see any two numbers, the amount which is produced when they are added together comes to mind in an instant. This may be the case with a most excellent teacher,--and one well qualified for his business. Helen did not expect this; she had anticipated a refreshing cup of tea, after the long siege. I have no going up or down, no system of marking. sandra romain at freeones The boy was surprised, for he supposed he had not been noticed. Sometimes you must reprove, sometimes you must condemn. The book in itself was good.

I do not say that I should not, in case all other means should fail, resort to the most decisive measures to secure obedience and subordination. Now you recollect sandra romain at freeones that to add eight, you must count all the fingers of one hand, and all but two again. " sandra romain at freeones "Subjects for such a report will be found to suggest themselves very abundantly, though you may not perhaps think so at first.

There have been, in several cases, experiments made with reference to ascertaining how far a government, strictly republican, would be admissible in a school. He passes down the class, glancing his eye at the work of each one, to see that all is right, noticing particularly those slates, which, from the character of the boys, need a more careful inspection. In a word then,--what we have been recommending under this head is, that the teacher should make it his special study, for his first few days in school, to understand the characters of his pupils,--to learn who are the thoughtless ones, who the mischievous, and who the disobedient and rebellious;--and to do this with candid, moral discrimination, sandra romain at freeones and with as little open collision with individuals as possible. 2. It is to be done at once, by sincere confession, and an honest prayer for forgiveness for the sandra romain at freeones past, and strength for time to come. The lesson which he learned by the experiment was this, that one or two prizes will not influence the majority of a large school. 's, we shall remember not to confound them.

As soon as the desks are all examined, those who have found theirs in a condition which does not satisfy them, are requested to rise and sandra romain at freeones be counted. Cases of selfishness sandra romain at freeones any sandra romain at freeones of the pupils have observed. * * * * * We come sandra romain at freeones now to one of the most important subjects, which present themselves to the teacher's attention, in settling the principles upon which he shall govern his school.

"Why, ---- ---- yes,--that will do; and yet it is not exactly right. Those in each division are counted by the proper officer, as will hereafter be explained, and the numbers are reported aloud to me. " A number sit, and others, doubtful whether they are prepared or not, or thinking that there is something peculiar in their cases, which they wish to state, raise their hands, or make any other signal which is customary to indicate a wish to speak. _ Forty-eight cents. Presently the boy who had the green satchel under the tree with Roger, who was sitting in one corner of the room, said, "I should think they would keep the squirrels from eating them. 152 CHAPTER VI. SCHEMING. For this purpose it seems to me highly desirable that every teacher should KEEP A JOURNAL of sandra romain at freeones all his plans. The business of teaching will excite interest and afford pleasure, just in proportion to the degree in which it is sandra romain at freeones conducted by operations of mind upon mind, and the means of making it most fully so, are, careful practice, based upon, and regulated by, the results of careful observation. Marks of a bad scholar. And this is to be the course pursued, not only with great delinquencies, such as those to which I have sandra romain at freeones already alluded, but to every little transgression against the rules of order and propriety.

Tabu is a term with them which signifies consecrated,--not to be touched--to be let alone--not to be violated. ) Never get out of patience with dulness. But no clearness and faithfulness in religious teaching will atone for the injury which a bad example will effect.

had observed even during the few days that Helen had been under her care, that she was totally unaccustomed to habits of diligence and application. " "Besides," continues the teacher, looking pleasantly, however, while he says it, "if I knew, I think I ought not to tell you. 'We were requested by a very public-spirited individual to mention once more sandra romain at freeones the want of three nails, for bonnets in the entry. One or two instances of irregular conduct occurred.

But the strong ascendency, which, in consequence of his official station, he has obtained over the minds of his pupils, is sacred. "Does this fault," he would say to himself, "prevail among my pupils? If so, how extensively?" It is comparatively of little consequence to punish the particular transgression. She then proposed her example to the one next in the line, with whom the same course was pursued, and thus it passed down the class. " "I am not surprised then, that you want to sit sandra romain at freeones together,--though, to tell the truth, that is rather a reason why I should separate you. Vernon School? The answer is there are no punishments.

" "Oh,--you and Joseph are particular friends then, I suppose. You will observe too, that by this plan of having a great many classes reciting through the first three hours of the morning, every pupil can be employed as much or as little as her parents please. ENGLISH COMPOSITION. It is very wrong for them to live thus without God, but they do not see,--or rather do not sandra romain at freeones feel the guilt of it. "Yes sir," was still the reply, but fainter than before. You have in the same manner, in really important cases, such as serious sickness in your own case or sandra romain at freeones in that of your companions, or the coming in of a stranger, or any thing else equally extraordinary, power to lay aside any rule and to act as the emergency may require.

If you doubt whether children can understand language, tell such a story as this, with ardor of tone and proper gesticulation, to a child only two or three years old; "I saw an enormous dog in the street the other day. It is not however, as is generally supposed, _the confinement_.

_William. " "Oh,--you and Joseph are particular friends then, I suppose. He told the boys that he had something to say to them, after they had laid by their books, and were ready to go.

They will be very glad to learn, and to mend every day twenty-five or fifty pens each.

"You do not recollect the order," says the teacher, "and it is of no consequence, for the order I named was only accidental. " "I wish all those who are willing to tell me whether they use profane language, would rise. Consequences of being behindhand. Narrowminded prejudices and prepossessions are imbibed, through the facility, with which, in our own little community, we adopt and maintain opinions. If the pupils can sing, there may be a single verse, or sometimes two verses of some well known hymn, sung after the prayer, at the opening of sandra romain at freeones the school. But then, like most other persons who become possessed of a good idea, I could not be satisfied without carrying it to an extreme. We then inclined the glass, so as to favor its climbing and to enable it to reach the book at the top. ' "How many motives have I got now? Four, I believe. M. They whisper and leave their seats whenever they think it necessary. "Is the sun ever exactly over our heads?" "Is he ever exactly south of us?" "When he is exactly south of us, or in other words, exactly opposite to us, in his course round the earth, he is said to be in our meridian.

" "How long does it take the meat to grow?" "All summer I suppose, it is growing.