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Now when citing in a paper this "_Study Card_"[C] as the scholars call it, is _up_ so that the words "STUDY HOURS" are presented to the view of the school, it is the signal for silence and study. He tries to apply the method to Arithmetic and Geography, and in a short time is forming plans for the complete metamorphosis of his school. I give notice after school that a case is to be tried. When this investigation is made, I will tell you what to do next. ) Assume no false appearances, in your school, either as to knowledge or character. (d. If this practice is adopted, it will have a most powerful influence upon the moral condition of the school. T. Let them distinctly understand too, that you know it is difficult,--that citing in a paper you mean to make it so,--but that they have your sympathy citing in a paper and encouragement, citing in a paper in the efforts which it calls them to make. MENTAL ANALYSIS.

e. A merchant keeps his commodities together, and looks upon a cargo composed of ten thousand articles, and worth 100,000 dollars as one: he speaks of it as one: and there is, in many cases, no more perplexity in planning citing in a paper its destination, than if it were a single box of raisins. _William. You have all seen those beautiful, citing in a paper regular webs, in the morning dew, ("Yes, sir," "Yes sir.

citing in a paper The irregular class. for Benevolence. _ One dollar and twenty-eight cents. TWO CHILDREN LOST IN THE WOODS.

_ "Tens?" _B. REGULATORS. Of course, I shall have no punishment for it; but it will very much assist you to watch yourselves, if you expect to make a report at the end of the forenoon. I need not say that the stores of ammunition in the street were soon exhausted; the boys working for their leader, when they supposed they were only finding citing in a paper amusement for themselves. citing in a paper He then citing in a paper requests some one of the number to write citing in a paper out, in the course of the day, a list of the citing in a paper class, and to bring it with him to the recitation the next morning. This is devoted to the study of the Languages. He will, on the other hand, enjoy the satisfaction of citing in a paper feeling that he confines himself to his proper sphere, and leave to others, the full possession of rights which properly pertain to them. Now is there any rule in this school against selfishness.

In some, especially in very small schools, the teacher allows the pupils to act according to their own discretion. After this he asked the boys all to sit down. They may be taking a course, which the teacher _knows_ is wrong. |R. Then if some of the youngest scholars in school should citing in a paper stand up, as I have no doubt they would, it would prove that all might have known, if they had been equally conscientious. He struck them citing in a paper once or twice, though not very severely on the head, with the rule which he had in his hand. I do not mean by this illustration, that such a measure as this, would be the only notice that ought to be taken of such an act of wilful disturbance in school. An example or two will best illustrate what I mean.

A constant variety, of which these citing in a paper three methods should be the elements, is unquestionably the best mode. It is to be done at once, by sincere confession, and citing in a paper an honest prayer for forgiveness for the past, and strength for time to come. There citing in a paper may, however, be a time set apart in the school specially for this purpose. The pupils will be interested and profited by the explanation. The manner in which such individuals are managed; the tone the teacher citing in a paper assumes towards them; the gentleness citing in a paper with which he speaks of their faults, and the unbending citing in a paper decision with which he restrains them from wrong, will have a most powerful effect upon the rest of the school. We have various modes of amusing ourselves citing in a paper and finding exercise and recreation in recesses. There are few citing in a paper parents who would not like to have their children _Christians_;--sincerely and practically so;--for every thing which a parent can desire in a child is promoted, just in proportion as she opens her heart to the influence of the spirit of piety.

Something in the air and manner of one or both of them confirms this impression, and you take the necessary measures at once. _ Wrong. To accomplish these objects more effectually, citing in a paper the school is divided into SIX SECTIONS, arranged not according to proficiency in particular studies, as the several classes citing in a paper are, but according to _age and general maturity of mind_. Let the scholars citing in a paper understand that the superiority of the teacher does not consist in his infallibility, or in his universal acquisitions, but in a well balanced mind, where the boundary between knowledge and ignorance is distinctly marked; in a strong desire to go forward, in mental improvement; and in fixed principles of action, and systematic habits. 12. " "Well, then, you see, that although she may have done wrong to take your seat, it is not in that point of view, that you bring it into court. CHAPTER VI. He passes down the class, glancing citing in a paper his eye at the work of each one, to see that all is right, citing in a paper noticing particularly those slates, which, from the character of the boys, need a more careful inspection. And though they cannot perhaps be fully applied to every mind, in a large school, yet they can be so far acted upon, in reference to the whole mass, as to accomplish the object for a very large majority. Then if some of the youngest scholars in school citing in a paper should stand up, as I have no doubt they would, it would prove that all might have known, if they had been equally conscientious. citing in a paper You do not want her to be punished; do you?" "No; I only want her to give me up my seat; I don't want her to be punished.

Still, it is waste; and it ought to be so understood, that by the gradual perfection of the machinery, citing in a paper it may be more and more fully prevented. All those things which are alike, should be arranged together. MORAL DISCIPLINE. citing in a paper By this means, if it is citing in a paper done in such a way as to secure the influence of the school on the right side, many good effects are sometimes attained. "] By means like these, it will not be difficult for any teacher to obtain, so far an ascendancy over the minds of his pupils, as to secure an overwhelming majority in favor of good citing in a paper order, and co-operation with him in his plans for elevating the character of the school. "But I cannot tell you his name; for what return do you think he made to me? To be sure it was no very great favor that I did him; I should have been unworthy the name of teacher, if I had not done it for him, or for any boy in my school. EXCELLENCES OF THE SCHOOL. We then sing a verse or two of a hymn, and commend ourselves to God's protection in a short prayer.

" citing in a paper The citing in a paper class looked surprised. This coarse contrivance citing in a paper was, for more than a year, the grand regulator of all the movements of the school.

" "Yes sir; right;" "Right. If they think for example, that we are deserving of credit for the neatness with which books are kept,--for their freedom from blots or scribblings, or dog's-ears, by which school-books are so commonly defaced, let them tell citing in a paper us so.

" "The next?" A few voices say, faintly and with hesitation, "First of Corinthians. "My plan," continues the teacher, "is citing in a paper this:--to allow you all, besides the recess, a short citing in a paper citing in a paper time, two or three minutes perhaps, every hour;" (or every half hour, according to the character of the school, the age of the pupils, or other circumstances, to be judged of by the teacher,) "during which you may all whisper or leave your seats, without asking permission. For example, to take a case different from the one before described; let us suppose that citing in a paper a class have been performing a number of examples in Addition. ("Yes sir. But do you suppose that it will be enough for you merely to resolve here, that you will reform?" "No sir," said the boys. " CHAPTER II. B. On this subject, however, I shall speak in another place. There will be given you when you enter the school a blank schedule, in which the divisions of each forenoon for one week are marked, and in which your own employments for every half hour are to be written. If a college is established by the Methodist denomination, the teacher of that institution may, of course, explain and enforce there, the views of that society.

Probably there were, at first, difficulties in the operation of the plan, which he had to devise ways and means to surmount: but what I mean to present particularly to the reader citing in a paper is, that he was _interested in his experiments_. One boy is drawing pictures on his slate, to make his neighbors laugh; another is whispering, and two more are at play. This of course, comes last--No;--I am wrong in saying it is the last of Paul's Epistles, there is one more,--to the Hebrews; and this comes after all the others, for there has been a good deal of dispute whether it was really written by Paul. By this means he is acting, most directly and powerfully, on the intelligence of the whole future community in that place. He forgets that the heart must be led, not driven, to piety, and that unless his efforts are adapted to the nature of the minds he is acting upon, and suited to influence them, he must as certainly fail of success, as when there is citing in a paper a want of adaptedness between the means and the end in any other undertaking whatever. He told them he should forget which was the number of nails, and which the number of scholars, unless they wrote it down. I am going to describe some of these, and as I describe them, I wish you would notice them carefully, citing in a paper and tell me which you practice. "How much of the chestnut citing in a paper is good to eat, William?" asked he, looking at a boy before him. In this way, injury to a very great extent has been done in many parts of our country. When she has occasion to leave citing in a paper her citing in a paper seat, it is in a sauntering, lingering gait;--perhaps some trick is contrived on the way, for exciting the mirth of her companions.

If such an arrangement is adopted, and carried faithfully into effect, it will be found to relieve the teacher of more than half of the confusion and perplexity, which would otherwise be his hourly lot. A daily religious service in school may be, therefore, the outward act by which he, who has long lived without God, may return to his duty. But this is not a case where a person is prosecuted citing in a paper for having done anything wrong. Every pupil in school then, being furnished citing in a paper with one of these writing books, was required to commence this series, and to practice each lesson until he could write it well; then, and not till then, he was permitted to pass to the next. I _will not_ trouble you any more. I think you had better bring it into court. I shall never reproach you, and perhaps may not even know what your choice is.

citing in a paper In all probability, the formal announcement of citing citing in a paper in a paper this principle, and the endeavor to introduce it, by a sudden revolution, would totally fail. A very fair experiment of this kind was made at the Gardiner Lyceum, in Maine. --I wonder who told him I could make whistles?" He would find, too, that the new enjoyment was far higher and purer than the old, and would have little disposition to return to the latter. To make it successful, however, it must be done properly. If the scholars are led to understand that the school is to a great extent their institution, that they must assist to sustain its character, and that they share the honor if any honor is acquired, a feeling will prevail in the school, which may be turned to a most useful account. _ Well, so we will. TWO CHILDREN LOST IN THE WOODS.

1. 3. There will be given you when you enter the school a blank schedule, in which the divisions of each forenoon for one week are marked, and in which your own employments for every citing in a paper half hour are to be written. " "There is an inquiry I should like very much to make, though I citing in a paper suppose it would not be quite right to make it.

I will try to devise some method, by which you may carry your plan into effect, and to-morrow I wilt tell you what it is. It may belong to him because he bought it and paid for it, or it may belong to him because citing citing in a paper in a paper it fits him, and he wears it. _Miss S. But it would not do. Of course, if those founders forbid it altogether, they have a right citing in a paper to do so, and the teacher must submit.

_Sarah. The account was originally prepared and _printed_, but not published, for the purpose of distribution among the scholars, simply because this seemed to be the easiest and surest method of making them, on their admission to the school, acquainted with its arrangements and plans. In one corner of the room was a bed, on which was lying the patient whom we had come to visit. "I do not blame these boys at all, in this case, still it is better to adhere rigidly to the principle, of _exact obedience_, when numbers are acting together. citing in a paper RELIGIOUS citing in a paper INFLUENCE. To accomplish these objects more effectually, the school is divided into SIX SECTIONS, arranged not according to proficiency in particular studies, as the several classes are, but according to _age and general maturity of citing in a paper mind_. When it rises again the room is restored to silence and order.

You may even take up in school, a study entirely new to you, and have it understood at the outset, that you know no more of it than the class commencing, but that you can be their guide, on account of the superior maturity and discipline of your powers, and the comparative ease with which you can meet and overcome difficulties.

----. ' The friends resumed conversation. 17. It will be hard for you, if you are not accustomed to it, to learn conscientiously and faithfully to comply. She placed a ring on my finger, citing citing in a paper in a paper and left me. My charge to the jury would be somewhat as follows. In making the change, however, it is of fundamental importance that the pupils should themselves be interested in it. Now I am honest in saying I wish you to do just as you please. citing in a paper [A] [Footnote A: The following articles, which were really offered for such a purpose, will serve as specimens.

List of subjects. I think I have sometimes observed an individual to be prompted, where evidently the assistance was not desired, and even where it was not needed. The faculty do not know what you wish in this respect, in regard to the new accommodations which the Trustees have now provided for you, and which you are soon to enter.

Now it citing in a paper is not very often that so fine an opportunity occurs, to kill, by a single blow, the disposition to do wilful, wanton injury, as this circumstance afforded; citing in a paper but the principle illustrated by it,--bringing forward individual cases of transgression, in a public manner, only for the sake of the general citing in a paper effect, and so arranging what is said and done as to produce the desired effect upon the public mind, in the highest degree, may very frequently be acted upon. " "All who belong to the class that recites first in the morning may remain standing; the rest may sit. You can correct them far more easily and pleasantly in the mass, than in detail. A great many cases occur, where teachers are pleased with the confession of faults, and scholars perceive it, and the latter get into the habit of coming to the teacher, when they have done something which they think may get them into difficulty, and make a sort of half confession, which, by bringing forward every palliating circumstance, and suppressing every thing of different character, keeps entirely out of view all the real guilt of the transgression.

They believe, almost without exception, that there is a future state of being, to which this is introductory and preparatory, and almost every father and mother in our country, wish to have their children keep this in mind, and to be influenced by it, in all their conduct. A line of military characters, bearing the title of the 'Freedom's Band,' was soon called out, headed by one of their own number. But you can plan a campaign against a whole class of faults, and put into operation a system of measures to correct them, and watch from day to day the operation of that system, with all the spirit and interest of a game. There is no branch of study attended to in citing in a paper school, which may, by judicious efforts, be made more effectual in accomplishing this object,--leading the pupils to see the practical citing in a paper utility, and the value of knowledge, than composition.