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| HOUR. Miss B. _Emily. chadwicks chadwicks of boston of boston THE SERIES OF WRITING LESSONS. We must call this boy then, E. But we are wandering a little from our subject; which is, in this part of our chapter, the methods of _examining_ a class, not of giving or fixing instructions. Thus, if you see three eights in one column, you say three times eight are twenty-four, and chadwicks of boston then you try to bring in the other numbers. 1. And accordingly where such a plan has been adopted, it has, I chadwicks of boston believe, in every instance, been ultimately abandoned. Hence, we have among us, every shade and every variety of religious opinion, and in many cases, contention and strife, resulting from hopeless efforts to produce uniformity.

It is this which gives interest to the plans and operation of human governments. We must not rely, however, entirely upon their _interest in it_. _Anna. We will call this boy B. You see, yourself, that my duty to the school, will require me to adopt the most decided measures, to prevent the continuance chadwicks of boston and the spread of such a practice. Most of the scholars obey it of their own accord, implicitly and cordially. Trust is reposed in them, which may be greater or less, as they are able to bear. In the former it is entirely his own; circumstances have no control over him.

The _simultaneous answers_ of a class awaken more general interest, but it is difficult, without special chadwicks of boston care, to secure, by this means, a thorough examination of all. I have often been surprised at the dexterity and speed with which some scholars can count with their fingers, when adding, and chadwicks of boston yet they could not get through the sum very, quick--at least they would have done it in half the time, if the same effort had been made in travelling on a shorter road.

There is indeed a point where firm resistance to unreasonable demands becomes a duty.

The teacher knew perfectly well that the boy would, before long, be at his old tricks again, and was reserving this story as the means of turning the whole current of public opinion against such tricks should they again occur. The teacher would accordingly pass around, mending the pens from desk to desk, thus enabling the boys, in succession, to begin chadwicks of boston their task. I am aware however, that I am approaching the limit, which, in many parts of our country, ought to bound the religious influence of the teacher in a public school; and on this subject, as on every other, he ought to do nothing directly or indirectly, which would be displeasing to those who have entrusted children to his care. But within these limits, exercise ingenuity and invention as much as you will. A dozen hands, all around him, were immediately seen fumbling in pockets and desks, and, in a few minutes, several pencils were reached out for his acceptance.

This spirit he always chadwicks of boston notices, and though I may stop any particular form of its exhibition, it is for Him alone to forgive it and to purify the heart from its power. '" Never destroy the effect of chadwicks of boston such a communication as chadwicks of boston this, by attempting to follow it up with an exhortation, or with general remarks, vainly attempting to strengthen the impression. Much of this tardiness we suppose is owing to the interest chadwicks of boston felt in building the bower; but we think this business ought to be attended to only in play hours: If only one or two come in late when we are reading in the morning, chadwicks of boston or after we have composed ourselves to study at the close of the recess, every scholar must look up from her book,--we do not say they ought to do so, but only that they will do so. Their duties however as _Teachers_, and as _Superintendents_ are entirely distinct. Now under these circumstances, he employs an American mechanic, who is residing in Paris, to come to his house and teach his children the use of the lathe. Let them present us with any suggestions they please. ;--we have got an F. Let your pupils understand, not by any formal speech you make to that effect, but by the manner in which, from time to time, you incidentally allude to the chadwicks of boston subject, that you consider the school, when you commence it, as _at par_, so to speak,--that is, on a level with other schools, and that your various plans for improving and amending it, are not to be considered in the light of finding fault, and punishing transgressions, and controlling evil propensities, so as just to keep things in a tolerable state; but as efforts to improve chadwicks of boston and carry forward, to a state of excellence not yet attained, all the affairs of the institution. I first requested each individual to write something upon her slate, which she would like to buy, if she chadwicks of boston was going a shopping, stating the quantity she chadwicks of boston wished and the price of it.

chadwicks of boston (c. It seems he did not dare to try to take away a sled from a boy who was as big as himself, but attacked little James, for he knew he was not strong enough to defend himself. 6. Eighty-five cents.

His subsequent experiments; chadwicks of boston means of awakening interest. _Jane. Questions. Difficulties chadwicks of boston must be explained in detail; questions must be answered one by one; and each scholar's own conduct and character must be considered by itself. In the case of an individual, of a mature and well-disciplined mind, of acquired firmness of character, such a resolution chadwicks of boston might have effect. 'We were requested by a very public-spirited individual to mention once more the want of three nails, for bonnets in the entry. This they all repeatedly acknowledged; and the scholars almost unanimously admitted, that the good of the school required the prohibition of all communication during certain hours. I can illustrate this by describing a case which actually occurred. The Committee may be empowered, not only to state the particulars in which things are going wrong, but the methods by which they may be made right. There is one more circumstance, I will add, which may contribute to the interest of this account.

In the meantime, he took chadwicks of boston a little pains to cultivate the acquaintance of the boy, to discover and to show that he noticed what was good in his character and conduct, occasionally to get from him some chadwicks of boston little assistance, and thus to gain some chadwicks of boston personal ascendancy over him. There may, however, be a time set apart in the school specially for this purpose. 3. The teacher may, perhaps, say to those in their seats, "Do you not know chadwicks of boston any thing of this subject? Have you neither seen nor heard of Alabaster, and had no means of ascertaining chadwicks of boston any thing in regard to it? If you have, you ought to rise. I will try to devise some method, by which you may carry your plan into effect, and to-morrow I wilt tell you what it is. The boys when they saw him; hastily gathered chadwicks of boston up their playthings and put them away. , I _will_ do better. Simultaneous recitation, by which I mean the practice of addressing a question to all chadwicks of boston the class, to be answered by all together, is a practice, which has been for some chadwicks of boston years rapidly extending in our schools, and, if adopted with proper limits and restrictions, is attended with great advantage. It was not uncommon for the teacher to associate thus, with his pupils, out of school, and this request, accordingly, attracted no special attention. Stems not straight.

") You take the first figure,--suppose it is seven, and the one above it, eight. You cannot indeed always form your plans chadwicks of boston to suit, so exactly, your general views in regard to the school and to individuals, as you could wish. The fact that the teacher does not know every thing, cannot long be concealed, if he tries to conceal it; and in this, chadwicks of boston as in every other case, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. The teacher of a small, newly established school, had all of his scholars classed together in some of their studies. _ chadwicks of boston She does not look as if she had much taste for any thing; see, how strangely she fixes her hair. The teacher is vexed at the interruption, and severely rebukes or punishes the boy,--when, after all, the offence, in a moral point of view, was an exceedingly light one; at least it might very probably have been so. When it rises again the room is restored to silence and order. When to be refused. Difficulties must be explained in detail; questions must be answered one by one; and each scholar's own conduct and character must be considered chadwicks of boston chadwicks of boston by itself. It links him to them by a bond, which, perhaps, he ought not to sunder, and which he cannot sunder if he would. Remember that so chadwicks of boston great is now chadwicks of boston the competition in this branch, nothing but superior excellences will secure the favorable reception of a work.

_ Though coming to school a few minutes earlier or later, may not in itself be a matter of much consequence, yet the habit of being five minutes too late, if once formed, will, in actual life, be a source of great inconvenience, and sometimes of lasting injury. III. It seems to me that it shows very clearly, that one ought to teach his pupils, as chadwicks of boston much as possible, _in masses_, and as little as possible, by private attention to individual cases. He _ought to be_ a religious man, and his first prayer offered in school may be the first act by which he becomes so. _ Forty-two cents.

This unnatural, and forced, and chadwicks of boston ludicrous dignity, cleaves to him like disease, through the whole period of his duty. She hesitates and stammers, miscalls the cases, and then corrects herself, and if she gets through at last, she considers herself as having recited well; and very many chadwicks of boston teachers would consider it well too. Even when they are in school, the most untiring vigilance will not enable us to watch, except for a very small portion of the time, any individual. I wish therefore that all who have done so, would write me notes stating the facts. If so, the teacher might proceed. In hearing the different classes, he would watch for opportunities for combining them, or discontinuing those where the number was small,--he would alter the times of recitation, and group individual scholars into classes, so as to bring the school, in a very short time, into a condition corresponding more chadwicks of boston nearly with his own views. It will accomplish this object; and every teacher, who will try the experiment, and carry it into effect, with any tolerable degree of skill, will find that it will, in a short time, change the whole aspect of the school, in regard to the chadwicks of boston feelings subsisting between himself and his pupils. But he feels no _moral responsibility_ for another's guilt.

"Suppose then it takes the sun one hour to go from us to the river Mississippi, how chadwicks of boston many degrees west of us, would the river be?" Having thus familiarized the pupils to the fact, that the motion of the sun is a proper measure of the difference of longitude between two places, the teacher must dismiss the subject, for a day, and when the next opportunity of bringing it forward occurs, he would perhaps take up the subject of the sun's motion as a measure of _time_. No; it should be the teacher's main design, to shelter his pupils from every deleterious influence, and to bring every thing to bear upon the community of minds before him, which will encourage, in each one, the developement of its own native powers. He thinks he must however, carry out his _principle_. It of course will require some little time, and no little firmness, to establish the new order of things, where a school has been accustomed to another course; but where this is once done, I know no one plan so simple and so easily put into execution, which will do so much towards relieving the teacher chadwicks of boston of the distraction and perplexity of his pursuits. _ Well, (screaming) Ma'! Ma'! _Charles. To take charge of books and stationary. " "Subjects for such a report will be found to suggest themselves very abundantly, though you may not perhaps think so at first.

So that teaching, with them, though it has, indeed, its solicitudes and cares, as every other responsible employment must necessarily have, is, after all, a calm chadwicks of boston and quiet pursuit, which they follow from month to month, and from year to year, without any extraordinary agitations, or any unusual burdens of anxiety and care. If a proper feeling on the subject of good discipline, and the formation of good character, prevails in school, many articles, which will have a great deal of effect upon the pupils, chadwicks of boston chadwicks of boston will find their way through such an avenue, once opened. You will ask, "Cannot we obtain permission of you or of the teachers to leave our seats or to whisper, if it is necessary?" The answer is, "No. After hearing that there was dissatisfaction, he brought up the subject as follows:-- "I understand, gentlemen, that you consider your lessons too long. "I talked with her some time, and found that she was a Christian. For this purpose they either see that their pupils are going on successfully in classes in school, in these branches, or they may attend to them in the Section, provided that they never allow such instruction to interfere with their more appropriate and important duties. "I do not chadwicks of boston blame these boys at all, in this case, still it is better chadwicks of boston to adhere rigidly to the principle, of _exact obedience_, when numbers are acting together. " "Yes," said the master, "these are very good reasons why the nut should be carefully guarded. There are a great many arrangements and plans relating to the _instruction_ of the pupils, but no other specific _rules_ relating to _their conduct_. Being finally equipped, she casts chadwicks of boston her eye at the clock, hopes to be in tolerable chadwicks of boston good season, (notwithstanding that the hour for opening the school has already arrived,) and sets out, in the most violent hurry.

The class may bring their slates to the recitation, and the teacher may propose questions successively, the answers to which all the class may write, numbering them carefully. Perhaps it would be difficult for you to express it in words, I can express it in general terms, thus, "_Our characters depend not on what we do, but on the spirit and motive with which we do it. It is a fact that all this general progress has a direct and immediate chadwicks of boston bearing upon his pursuits. To expose children to public ridicule or contempt, tends either to make them sullen and despondent, or else to arouse their resentment and to make them reckless and desperate. 's, we shall remember not to confound them. " After some unnecessary shoving and pushing, increased by the disorderly conduct of a few bad boys, a line is formed. The whole fault was in the awkwardness and ignorance of the teacher. They might ascertain how much other classes have done, and how much is expedient for this class to attempt; chadwicks of boston and then, by estimating the number of recitations assigned to this study, chadwicks of boston they can easily determine what should be the length of the lessons.

He purchased, for three cents apiece, two long lead-pencils, an article of great value, in the opinion of the boys of country schools; and he offered them, as prizes, to the boy who would write most carefully; not to the one who should write _best_, but to the one whose book should exhibit most appearance of _effort_ and _care_ for a week. They have accomplished something, which you admit it was not easy chadwicks of boston to accomplish.

I shall never reproach chadwicks of boston you, and perhaps may not even know what your choice is. The man who neglects the interests of his chadwicks of boston school, in these great branches, to devote his time to two or three, or half a dozen older scholars, chadwicks of boston is unjust both to his employers and to chadwicks of boston himself.

Sometimes I think it is unnecessary, and deny you, when perhaps I was mistaken, and it was really necessary. Let no one of us destroy our peace and happiness this day, by breaking any of thy commands,--or encouraging our companions, in sins--or neglecting, chadwicks of boston in any respect, our duty. If they bring it to you one by one, you have to answer it over and chadwicks of boston over again, whereas, when it is brought to the class, one explanation answers for all. A similar effort will always succeed. In reading large numbers, for example, each figure may be chadwicks of boston called for by itself, or they may be given one after another, the pupils keeping exact time. Method of regulating this. A small red morocco wrapper lies constantly on a little shelf, accessible to all.