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The teacher has, we will imagine, been accustomed to teach spelling in the usual way, by assigning a lesson in the spelling book, which the scholars have studied in their seats, and then they have recited by having the words put to them individually in the class. Perhaps I have overrated the abilities of the class, citing text in a paper but I have not intended citing text in a paper to assign you more than you can accomplish. It may belong to him because he bought it and paid for it, or it may belong to him because it fits him, and he wears it. In other cases, the fault was of such a character as to require full and minute oral directions to the pupil. The regular devotional exercises of school, are all which you will _necessarily_ witness. There are so many occasions, on which it is necessary to address the whole school, that it is very desirable to appropriate a particular time for it. " A child has a lesson in Latin Grammar to recite. ENGLISH COMPOSITION. I print his orders in italics, and his remarks and explanations in Roman letter. So with all the other professions.

" "Yes," said the instructer, "that is right, that is one kind of _profit_, but this is another and a little different," and he proceeded to explain the word, and the difference of the spelling. "I must take up," thinks he to himself, "the subject of order, before the whole school. 1. The boy was wiser than the mother; he knew perfectly well how to manage. Now the teacher should show that he distinguishes citing text in a paper these cases from such momentary acts of thoughtlessness as we have described; and a broad distinction ought to be made in the treatment of them. Let nothing therefore which shall be said on the subject of scheming in this chapter, be interpreted as intended to condemn real improvements of this kind, or to check those which may now be in progress, by men of age or experience, or of sound judgment, who are citing text in a paper capable of distinguishing between a real improvement and a whimsical innovation, which can never live any longer than it is sustained by the enthusiasm citing text in a paper of the original inventor. There is no point of attainment where we must stop, or beyond which effort will bring in a less valuable return. EXCELLENCES OF THE SCHOOL.

He looks for the faults; watches, without seeming to watch, the movements which he is attempting to control. The teacher enters upon the duties of his office by a much more sudden transition than is common in the other avocations and employments of life. For example, I will insert a few of these propositions, as these papers are called, describing the way in which they would be disposed of. " "And what is one third of forty-five?" The boys would readily answer fifteen, and the teacher would then dwell for a moment, on the general truth, thus deduced, that the sun, in passing round the earth, passes over fifteen degrees every hour. " The students responded to this appeal most heartily. "You cannot tell. " If so, the step is too long, and may be subdivided thus: "When it is noon here, is the sun going towards the Mississippi, or has he passed it?" "Then has noon gone by, at that river, or has it not yet come?" "Then will it be one hour before, or one hour after noon?" "Then will it be eleven, or one?" Such minuteness and simplicity would, in ordinary cases, not be necessary. " "Why, sir?" "Because, citing text in a paper you know, I have said I wish the scholars to remember where the lessons are, and not come to me.

But it would not citing text in a paper be justifiable for him to do this, under a monarchy, or in a community divided in regard to this subject, because this question does not come within the objects, for the promotion of which, citing text in a paper his patrons have associated, and employed citing text in a paper him,--and consequently, he has no right, while continuing their teacher, to go into it, without their consent. " Such a communication will generally be found to have a powerful effect. So while the trembling culprit stands before him, he administers to him a reproof, which consists citing text in a paper of an almost ludicrous mixture of scolding, entreaty, religious instruction, and threatening of punishment. If you turn over the leaves of the Testament, you will see that Paul's letters are all put together, after the book of the Acts; and what I wish you to notice is, that they are arranged in the _order_ of _their citing text in a paper length_. But you are to avoid these things, not because there are any rules in this school against them, for there are none;--but because they are in _themselves wrong_;--in all places and under all circumstances, wrong.

The mass of pupils in our schools, are not to be writers of moral essays or orations, and they do not need to form that style of empty, florid, verbose declamation, which the practice of writing composition in our schools, as it is too frequently managed, tends to form. Show by the manner in which you consider and speak of the question, that your main inquiry is what is _your duty_. And secondly, while doing this, to become as fully acquainted with his scholars as possible. And in the first place I want you to tell me honestly all about it. Let a teacher propose to his pupils, formally, from his desk, the plan of writing propositions, for example, and procure his wrapper, and put it in its place;--and what would be the result? Why, not a single paper, probably, could he get, from one end of the week to the other. Objects to be aimed at, in the General citing text in a paper Arrangements. Which of these two is to be the duty of a writer at any time, will of course depend upon the situation of the community at the time he writes, and of the class of readers for which he takes his pen. Truth is consistent with itself, citing text in a paper but error, in such a case, never is. If your neighbor is faint, you may speak to her and if necessary lead her out.

Duties of superintendents. "You want," said he, "a rasp or coarse file for the ends, and then you could finish it finely. If the teacher can contrive to obtain a citing text in a paper great majority upon his side, so as to let them see that any opposition which they citing text in a paper can raise, is of no consequence, and is not even noticed, they will soon be ashamed of it. 2. Should this not be the case, or should the teacher, from any cause, lose his personal influence in the school, so that the institution should really be surrendered into the hands of the pupils, things must be on a very unstable footing. If for example a teacher should say to you in your class, "As soon as you have performed a certain work you may bring it to me,"--you would in bringing it, be acting under her _direction_ and would consequently do right. A difference of opinion on this subject, citing text in a paper might embarrass the teacher in France, and in other countries in Europe, but not here. In the case of an individual, of a mature and well-disciplined mind, of acquired firmness of character, such a resolution might have effect.

Perhaps some individuals, who have had some collision with their trustees or committee, will ask me if I mean, that a teacher ought to be entirely and immediately under the supervision and control of the trustees, just as a mechanic is when employed by another man. It is for the purpose of teaching the children of that district, _reading_, _writing_, and _calculation_, and for such other purposes, analogous to this, as the law, providing for the establishment of district schools, contemplated. " She ought to go to the teacher of the class to which her pupil had been citing citing text in a paper text in a paper unwisely assigned, converse with her, obtain her opinion, then find some other class more suited to her attainments, and after fully ascertaining all the citing text in a paper facts in the case, bring them to me, that I may make the change. This dangerous habit of making satirical remarks was evinced in childhood; it was cherished; 'it grew with her growth and strengthened with her strength,' until she became what I have described. citing text in a paper Before therefore, attempting to enforce the duty, and to explain the methods of exerting citing text in a paper religious influence in school, I thought proper, distinctly to state, with what restrictions, and within what limits, the work is to be done. " citing text in a paper The boys rather reluctantly consented. Discipline should generally be private. citing text in a paper Plan and illustration of the exercise. (3. "Yes, there were several writers. In applying this citing text in a paper method, however, the teacher should be very careful not to subdivide too much.

Suppose twenty, of the most successful teachers citing text in a paper in New England would write such a description, each of his own school, how valuable would be the volume which should contain them! With these views, I have concluded to devote one chapter citing text in a paper to a description of the school which has been for four years under my care. A cutting reproof administered in public, or a punishment citing text in a paper which exposes the individual to the gaze of others, will often burn far more deeply into the heart than the teacher imagines.

* * * * * I am aware that this book may fall into the hands of some, who may take little interest in the subject of this chapter. But the teacher, while engaged in his work, has his mind continually on the stretch. " "I presume you do. " A number sit, and others, doubtful whether they are prepared or not, or thinking that citing text in a paper there is something peculiar in their cases, which they wish to state, raise their hands, or make any other signal which is customary to indicate a wish to speak. But within these limits, exercise ingenuity and invention as much as you will. But if I ask those to rise who have _not_ rung the bell, I shall make known to the whole school who they are that citing text in a paper have done it, and I wish that the exposure of faults should be private, unless it is _necessary_ that it should be public. When you are reading, notice such facts, and remember such narratives, as you can turn to good account, citing text in a paper in this way. If the reader has, in his own school, a greater or a less number, he can easily citing text in a paper correct the above, so as to adapt it to his own case, citing text in a paper and ascertain the portion, which may citing text in a paper justly be appropriated to each pupil. Open, frank dealing.

Well grounded confidence in such a person, if there was citing text in a paper reason for it, ought to leave such an effect, but not prejudice. "I am going to have you parse your whole lesson, in writing. Giving leave to whisper or to leave seats. With these views I could not, when writing on the duties of a teacher of the young, refrain citing text in a paper from bringing distinctly to view, this, which has so imperious a claim. Though such a satirical spirit is justly condemned, a little good-humored raillery may sometimes citing text in a paper be allowed, as citing text in a paper a mode of attacking faults in school which cannot be reached by graver methods. Do you not think you shall find this the pleasantest course?"--"Yes sir," answered every scholar. The new method which he adopts, may not be, _in itself_, in the least degree better than old methods. There is a horrid sensation created by their ugly forms, that makes me wish them all to Jericho. Let the pupil see that you are aiming to secure it, and that the pleasure which you expect that they will receive, is that of firmly and patiently encountering and overcoming difficulty; of penetrating, by steady and persevering citing text in a paper effort, into regions, from which the idle and the inefficient are debarred; and that it is your province to lead them forward, not to carry them. "What shall I do?" asked he. " "All, then, who have intimate friends, and can recollect the impression which they first made upon them, may rise.

In some districts in New England, the young teacher will citing text in a paper find one or more boys, generally among the larger ones, who will come to the school with the express determination to make a difficulty if they can. ; let us call the others, B. " The other report was very similar, though somewhat rudely written and expressed, and both were perfectly satisfactory to the preceptor, as he plainly showed by the manner in which he received them. " The aggrieved party still looked perplexed. The boys will learn submission to the majority, in citing text in a paper such unimportant things as may be committed to them: they will learn system and regularity; and citing text in a paper every thing else that belongs to the science of political self government.

THE SABBATH. They have citing text in a paper had them fitted up citing text in a paper for you handsomely, and if you wish to have them kept in good order, we will assist you. A college officer assigned lessons which the idle and ignorant members of the class thought too long. Such is the story. I do not wish to know who they are; if there are any such cases, I only wish to say to the rest, how much pleasanter it is for you that you have been honest and open. 4. _ Fifty-two cents. Contrive a new machine, and every body will be interested to witness, or to hear of its operation;--develope any heretofore unknown citing text in a paper properties of matter, or secure some new useful effect, from laws which men have not hitherto employed for their purposes, and the interest citing text in a paper of all around you will be excited to observe your results;--and especially, you will yourself take a deep and permanent pleasure, in citing text in a paper guiding and controlling the power you have thus citing text in a paper obtained. They did not expect to have that called a fault. The Court. For instance, it is generally the case whenever a recitation is attended in the corner yonder, that an end of one of the benches is put against the door, so as to occasion a serious interruption to the exercises when a person wishes to come in or go out.

_ She does not look as if she had much taste for any thing; see, how strangely she fixes her hair. " "What comes next?" "John's. G. Generally it will be best to manage cases of discipline more privately, so as to protect the characters of those that offend. The very first day I tottered under the weight of the mighty foolscap. "Now boys," continued the master, "will you assist me in making arrangements to prevent the recurrence of all citing text in a paper temptations citing text in a paper of this kind hereafter? It is plain that every boy ought to have a nail appropriated expressly to his use. If any are new scholars, she ought to interest herself in assisting them to become acquainted in school,--if they are friendless and alone, to find companions for them, and to endeavor in every way, to make their time pass pleasantly and happily.

But that is not the greatest difficulty; can any of you think of any other?" There was a pause. I describe this case, because it was one which occurred at the time I was writing the above description, and not because there is any thing otherwise peculiar in it. THE SHOPPING EXERCISE. citing text in a paper Do you not think it would be so?" "Yes sir," said James, seriously, "I suppose it would. The teacher may _of her own accord_, direct any leaving of seats which she may think necessary to accomplish the objects of the school. ' "We turned our horses towards the door, and as we were riding up, I asked what was the matter with the young woman. By raising the tassel, the citing text in a paper plate will of course fall over forward till it is stopped by the part _b_ striking the board, when it will be in a horizontal position. But the master said he would explain this another time. On the other hand, when, in such a case, the boy is faltering under his load, try the effect of telling him, "Why, that is not heavy; you can wheel it easily enough; trundle it along.

You assign to a class of little girls a subject of composition, citing text in a paper requesting them to copy their writing upon a sheet of paper, leaving a margin an inch wide at the top, and one of half an inch at the sides and bottom. 40.

' "Do you see that boy in the back seat.

"A few days ago," says the teacher, when all was still, "I accidentally overheard some conversation between two of the boys of this school, and one of them swore. --INSTRUCTION. Now it is possible for a teacher to speak so as to be easily heard by three hundred persons, and three hundred pupils can be easily so seated, as to see his illustrations or diagrams. He will find less difficulty at the outset than he would have expected, and soon have the satisfaction of perceiving that a mild but most efficient government is quietly and firmly established in the little kingdom over which he is called to reign. What measures in direct reference to the fault committed, citing text in a paper would be necessary, would depend upon the circumstances of the case. The arrangement which seems to me as well calculated as any for the religious exercises of a school, is this: 1.