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So strong are first impressions. "You see now," said the teacher to the class which had witnessed the experiment, "that this boy knows his Alphabet, in a different sense, michael davis realty from that michael davis realty in which he knows his Multiplication table. There are multitudes who, in early life, attempted teaching, michael davis realty and, after having been worried, almost to distraction, by the simultaneous pressure of these multifarious cares, gave up the employment in disgust, and forever afterwards wonder how any body can michael davis realty like teaching. A carpenter, for instance, would michael davis realty certainly michael davis realty lose michael davis realty his work, if he should not perform it faithfully, and in season. Family newspapers. The first in each of the other departments are chosen by ballot, by the scholars. _Jane. They will keep you to a steady purpose, and your work will go on far more systematically and regularly, than it would, if, as in fact many teachers do, you were to come headlong into your school, take things just as you find michael davis realty them, and carry them forward at random, without end or aim. "Don't you know any thing about it?" "No sir, not much. They have accomplished something, which you admit michael davis realty it was not easy to accomplish.

It is a fact that all this general progress has a direct and immediate bearing upon his pursuits. " "And besides," continued he after thinking a moment, "I should suppose if the meat of the chestnut had no covering, the rain might wet it and make it rot, or the sun might dry and wither it. "You may take your Bibles.

In michael davis realty regard michael davis realty to each of these particulars I shall speak more particularly hereafter, in the chapters to which they respectively belong. Whenever strictness of discipline is unpopular, it is rendered so, simply by the ill-humored and ill-judged means, by which it is attempted to be introduced. michael davis realty "For example, (to take the case of the antipathy to the spider, alluded to in the last article,) the reason why that young lady dislikes spiders, is undoubtedly because she has some unpleasant idea associated with the thought of that animal, perhaps for example, the idea of their crawling upon her--which is certainly not a very pleasant one for any body. michael davis realty M. " "Love michael davis realty of money," or perhaps other answers are heard, from the various parts of the room. " When he reads it, let him state, that michael davis realty it was written at his request, and give michael davis realty the other boys permission to leave their proposals or questions on his desk, in the same way.

By raising the tassel, the plate will of course fall over forward till it is stopped by the part _b_ striking the board, when it will be in a horizontal position. | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-------+----+-----+------+-----+--+ +------+------+--+ +-----+-----+ |FRIDAY. By our present plan, you are sometimes obliged to wait before I can attend to your request. I can't bear her. _ I don't want to get acquainted with her, until I know whether I shall like her or not. Whose sled was it that Richard took away?" "James Thompson's. " It is indeed worth something. The spelling class; an experiment with it; its success and its consequences. _ Poh! I should michael davis realty love to see a bear here.

"Mrs. Such is the story. The music is led by michael davis realty the piano; and we wish all to join in it who can sing. As the scholars michael davis realty raise their heads from the posture of reverence they have assumed, they pause a moment till the regulator lets down the study card, and the sound of its bell is the signal that our duties at school are ended for the day. The former is a great deal; the latter, very little.

We accuse michael davis realty Miss A. Thus you will observe that five minutes before the half hour expires, the bell will ring; soon after which the classes in recitation will take their seats. Others are new plans of instruction or government, michael davis realty generally michael davis realty founded on some good principle carried to an extreme, or made to grow into exaggerated and disproportionate importance.

He wishes to see whether he has estimated the mental capacities and tendencies of his little community aright; and when the time comes, and he surveys the scene, and observes the operation of his measure, and sees many more are reached by it, than were influenced before, he feels a strong gratification; and it is a gratification which is founded upon the noblest principles of our nature. Giving leave to whisper or to leave seats.

If the school is of higher order, the teacher should, in the same manner, before he forms his plans, consider well what are the great objects which he has to accomplish. " "Those that are standing may read their answers, to No. There are michael davis realty three hours in each session, making one hundred and eighty minutes, which, divided among fifty, give about three minutes and a half to each individual.

Those mothers have a right too, that their children should receive their full share of attention, in a school which has been established for the common and equal benefit of all. Sections. You may hope that he is going to devote his life to the service of God. But predictions of failure in such cases only prompt to greater exertions, and I persevered.

They worked for them, and paid for them. "I think a boy who uses bad michael davis realty language of any kind, does what he knows is wrong. michael davis realty --MORAL DISCIPLINE. michael davis realty " "Well, I am going to tell you of one of your faults. When they come on therefore to the demonstrations, which, in themselves, would be difficult enough, they have double duty to perform. michael davis realty "Yes," continues michael davis realty the teacher, "both these are common motives. He must classify and arrange; michael davis realty but after he has done all that he can, he must still expect michael davis realty that his daily business michael davis realty will continue to consist of a vast multitude of minute particulars, from one to another of which the mind must turn with a rapidity, which, few of the other employments of life ever demand. "Mr. VERNON SCHOOL. This they all repeatedly acknowledged; and the scholars michael davis realty almost unanimously admitted, that the good of the school required the prohibition of all communication during certain hours. 'We were requested by a very public-spirited individual michael davis realty to mention once more the want of three nails, for bonnets in the entry.

" "Proposed that school begin at nine o'clock. If your neighbor is faint, you may speak to her and if necessary lead her out.

Tabu is a term with them which michael davis realty signifies consecrated,--not to be touched--to be let alone--not to be violated. If present at the devotional exercises, she finds it difficult to command her attention, even when desirous of so doing, and her deportment at this hour, is accordingly marked with an unbecoming listlessness and abstraction. So with all the other professions. If the students think proper michael davis realty to express by a vote, or in any other way, their wish to keep them in good order, we will engage to have such incidental injuries, as may from time to time occur, immediately repaired. The master said is was by their taste. And here on account of the comparative smallness of the number under the parent's care, the evil is so much diminished that it is easily borne. RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION. Perhaps this method may be very successfully employed in reviews, by dictating to the class, a list of questions, relating to the ground they have gone over, for a week, and to which they are to prepare answers, written out at length, and to be brought in at the next exercise. " It may be well, after assigning a lesson to a class, to say that all those who do not distinctly understand what they have to do, may remain after the class have taken their seats, and ask: the task may then be distinctly assigned again, and the difficulties, so far as they can be foreseen, explained. " "But I thought you promised me a moment ago," replied the teacher, "not to do any thing, unless I commanded it. c.

The teacher would accordingly pass around, mending the pens from desk to desk, thus enabling the boys, in succession, michael davis realty to begin their task. The design of such michael davis realty lectures should be to extend the _general knowledge_ of the pupils in regard to those subjects on which they will need information in their progress through life. These three evils are sufficient to deter the teacher from the practice. _" "I mean by this," he continued, "that you place your slates before you, with your pencils at the place where you are to begin, so that all may commence precisely at the same instant.

_ Where do you think they are? We've michael davis realty been looking a great while for them. Then I shall examine your slates, and see how many mistakes are made. It is clear, therefore, in every view of the subject, that I should retain the management of this school in my own hands.

Suppose for instance, a study card, like the one described in a preceding michael davis realty michael michael davis realty davis realty chapter, is made, so as to mark the time of recess and of study.

" This is upright, but it is so attached by its lower edge to its support, by means of a hinge, that it can fall over from above, and thus be in a _horizontal_ position; or it will rest in an _inclined_ position,--_half down_, as it is called. But the truth is, that in almost all such cases as this, the secret of the success is, not that the teacher has discovered a _better_ method than the ordinary ones, but that he has discovered a _new_ one. Do you?" "Yes sir. Which of these teachers understood human nature best? 13. He says accordingly to his school: "You know that you are now accustomed to ask me whenever you wish to obtain permission to whisper to a companion, or to leave your seats: now I have been thinking of a plan which will be better for both you and me. (1. It is useless to resist, thought she, indeed why should I wish to.

It will assist the young teacher very much in his first day's labors, if he takes measures for seeing and conversing with some of the older michael davis realty or more intelligent scholars, on the day or evening before he begins his school, with a view of obtaining michael davis realty from them some acquaintance with the internal arrangements and customs of the school. The almost universal impression that the business of teaching is attended with peculiar trials and difficulties, proves this. We should always remember that, however unpleasant in countenance and manners that bashful boy, in the corner, may be, or however repulsive in appearance, or unhappy in disposition, that girl, seeming to be interested in nobody, and nobody appearing interested in her, they still have, each of them, a mother, who loves her own child, and takes a deep and constant interest in its history. Each scholar was allowed to whisper in relation to her studies. Half a michael davis realty dozen might, and very probably would meet with the same difficulty. "But I heard a boy say," replied the master, "that they ought not to be made to grow so. michael davis realty "Love of money, friendship, love of honor, and fear. Proper way of meeting difficulties. I first requested each individual to write something upon her slate, which she would like to buy, if she was going a shopping, michael davis realty stating the quantity she wished and the price of it. _Emily. The obligation of the teacher is not founded upon _the superior wisdom_ of his employers, in reference to the business for which they have engaged him, for they are very probably his inferiors in this respect; _but upon their right as employers_, to determine _how their own work shall be done_.

" James reads as follows. Some are descriptions of literary michael davis realty exercises or plans which the reader can adopt in classes, or with a whole school; others are cases of discipline,--good or bad management, which the teacher can imitate or avoid. Of course they proceed with less alacrity, and consequently with less rapidity and success.

A teacher may turn this principle to most useful account, in forming his plans for his school. Danger of insubordination. _Charles. In a word, if the teacher is really honest and sincere in his wish to lead his pupils to the worship of God, he will find no michael davis realty serious difficulty in preventing the abuses and avoiding the dangers which some might fear, and in accomplishing vast good, both in promoting the prosperity of the school, and in the formation of the highest and best traits a individual character. And the same of any other excellence. At _c c_, the lower extremities of the parts at the sides, the metal is bent round, so as to clasp a wire which runs from _c_ to _c_, the ends of which wire are bent at right angles and run into the board.

A boy or girl comes to the desk to ask a question, or make a request, and the teacher sees in the cast of countenance, or in the bearing or tone of the individual, something indicating a proud, or a sullen, or an ill-humored disposition, and conceives a prejudice, often entirely without foundation, which weeks perhaps do not wear away. The best way is generally to face these individuals michael davis realty at once, in the most direct and open manner, and, at the same time, with perfect good humor, and kindness of feeling and deportment towards them personally. Some will answer very eagerly, instantly after the question is completed. In the first stage, learning to read, a book is of no use whatever, without the voice of the living teacher. michael davis realty To the extreme annoyance of those about her, all is now hurry and bustle and ill humor. The parents or the committee object; they say, that they wish the children to confine their attention exclusively to the elementary branches of education. I shall wish you to be _sincere_, and then I shall know what course to take next. michael davis realty After a few days, he appointed one of the older and more michael davis realty judicious scholars, to give the word for beginning and michael davis realty ending the lines, and he sat surveying the scene, or walking from desk to desk, noticing faults, and considering what plans he could form for securing, more and more fully, the end he had in view. There is one topic connected with the subject of this chapter, which deserves a few paragraphs. "At length, as we were passing a humble and solitary dwelling, the gentleman said to me, 'There is a young woman sick in this house; should you like to go in and see her?' 'Yes sir' said I, 'very much.

Go _into detail_.

"This is a fine sunny nook for you to talk michael davis realty in. Avoid it in this manner. 'Oh!' repeated I, to myself, '_how pleasing is variety_!' as I left the room, to the tune Of Kendall's March. If, however, the teacher should, in any case, have reason to believe that such a practice would be contrary to the wishes of his employers, it would, according to views we have presented in another chapter, be michael davis realty wrong for him to attempt to introduce it. Let us look at some of these principles. They should understand that the _form_ of the letters is michael davis realty what is important in learning to write, not the smoothness and clearness of the hair lines; and that though writing looks better, when executed with a perfect pen, a person may _learn_ to write, nearly as well with one, which is not absolutely perfect. Now, I shall take the classes in these studies, for a day or two, out of their regular course, and assign them lessons which relate to this subject, and then hear them recite in the General Exercise, that you may all hear. So much ground, it seems, the teacher may occupy, by common consent, in New-England, and it certainly is a great deal. Much has been said within a few years, by writers in the subject of education, in this country, on the desirableness of raising the business of teaching to the rank of a learned profession. It is to provide a way, by which teachers and pupils may write, anonymously, for the school. _Sarah.

Such michael davis realty a lesson of fidelity and obedience, and such an example of it, will have more influence, than a half hour's scolding about whispering without leave, or a dozen public punishments. You may satisfy yourself that human nature is, in this respect, what I have described, by some such experiment as the following:--Select two classes, not michael davis realty very familiar with elementary arithmetic, and offer to each of them the following example in Addition:-- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 &c. * * * * * "Is it not right to allow prejudice, to have influence over our minds as far as this? If michael davis realty any thing comes to our knowledge, with which wrong seems to be connected, and one in whom we have always felt confidence is engaged in it, is it not right to allow our prejudice in favor of this individual to have so much influence over us, as to cause us to believe that all is really right, though michael davis realty every circumstance which has come to our knowledge is against such a conclusion? I felt this influence not many weeks since, in a very great degree.