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They were always interested in it, and made great improvement in a short time, and I, myself, derived great advantage from listening to them. In the same manner the employment of the teacher will be raised most effectually in the estimation of the public, not by the individual who writes the most eloquent oration on the intrinsic dignity of the art, but by the one who goes forward most successfully in the exercise of it, and who by his general attainments, and public character, stands out most fully to the view of the public, as a well informed, liberal minded, and useful man. These means of awakening interest, and relieving the tedium of the uninterrupted and monotonous study of snowcrash review text books, must not encroach on the regular duties of the school. Story of the pencils. Even if the studies of a turbulent boy are occasionally snowcrash review interrupted for half an hour, that he might help you arrange snowcrash review papers, or rule books, or cut the tops of quills, or distribute exercises, it will be time well spent. The new College building. With the exception that occasionally, usually snowcrash review not oftener snowcrash review than once in several months, I allude to the snowcrash review subject, and that chiefly on account of a few careless and unfaithful individuals, I have little to say or to do to maintain the authority of the study card. "What a looking desk! Why, John! I am really ashamed of you. "Perhaps you understood, that when I put the question to vote, I meant to abide snowcrash review snowcrash review by your decision, and that, consequently, I ought not to have reversed it, as I did, afterwards?" "Yes sir;" "yes sir;" they replied. The boys will learn submission to the majority, in such unimportant things as may be committed to them: they will learn system and regularity; and every thing else that belongs to the science of political self government.

I should like to receive such communications from all my pupils; for advice or instruction communicated in reply, being directly personal, is far more likely to produce effect. snowcrash review Is any body aggrieved snowcrash review or injured? I learn it through the wrapper.

Now such a plan as this may succeed for a short time, and under very favorable circumstances; and the circumstance, which it is chiefly important should be favorable, is, that the man who is called to preside over such an association, should possess such a share of _generalship_, that he can really manage the institution _himself_, while the power is _nominally_ and _apparently_ in the hands of the boys. snowcrash review (6. The writing-books were made of three sheets of fool's-cap paper, folded snowcrash review into a convenient size, which was to be ruled by each pupil; for it was thought important that each one should learn this art. And though they cannot perhaps be fully applied to every mind, in a large school, yet they can be so far acted upon, in reference to the whole snowcrash review mass, as to accomplish the object for a very large majority. There is a horrid sensation created by their ugly forms, that makes me wish them all to Jericho.

The young teacher, however, enters, by a single step, into the very midst of his labors. This success is owing in a very great degree to the _freedom_ of his practice, snowcrash review that is to his escape from the thraldom of imitation. "Suppose you had the care of an infant school," might the instructer say to such a scholar; "and were endeavoring to teach a little child to count, and she should recite her lesson to you in this way; 'One, two, four, no, three;--one, two, three,-- -- stop, don't tell me,--five--no four--four--, five,-- -- -- I shall think in a minute,--six--is that right? five, six, &c. After a week, the teacher snowcrash review may consider their term of service as having expired, and thanking them, in public for the assistance they have rendered him, he may ask the snowcrash review scholars, if they are willing to continue the plan, and if the vote is in favor of it, as it unquestionably would be, each boy probably hoping that he should be appointed to the office, the teacher may nominate four others, including perhaps upon the list, some boy popular among his companions, but whom he has suspected to be not very friendly to himself or the school. What should you say to such a company as that?" The boys laughed. The business is now all ended; you have done your duty; and though you reported a little larger number than you would, if you had been disposed to conceal, yet you go away from school with a quiet conscience. Exhaustion, weariness, and anxiety will be your continual portion, and in such snowcrash review a state, no business can be successfully prosecuted. It would depend upon the distance. Still, however, if cases are often referred to them, the feeling will gradually creep snowcrash review snowcrash review in, that the school is managed on republican principles, as they call it; and they will, unless this point snowcrash review is specially guarded, gradually lose that spirit of entire and cordial subordination, so necessary for the success of any school.

Our community is agreed that _there is a God_. _Anna. Stop a moment however. I am satisfied, that it is better and pleasanter for you to observe it most rigidly, if it is attempted to be enforced at all. Miscellaneous suggestions. Being in some measure a stranger, she thought snowcrash review her aunt would not insist upon perfect obedience, and besides in her estimation, she was too old to be treated like a child. Those, who have different answers may sit.

Experiment with the Multiplication table.

So if she should watch a spider in the fields making his web. On one occasion, when, after learning the wishes of the scholars on some subject which had been brought before them, I decided contrary to it, there arose a murmur of discontent, all over the room. 5. For by expressing suspicion of a boy, you injure his character in his own opinion, and in that of others, and tend to make him reckless. " "Well, I am going to tell you of one of your faults. Precisely at the end of the half hour, it snowcrash review snowcrash review will ring again, when new classes will take their places. Near the close of school, I find perhaps snowcrash review on my desk a paper of which the following may be considered snowcrash review a copy. If, from such considerations, the teacher purposes to have a daily religious service in his school, he should by all means begin on the first day,--and when he first calls snowcrash review his school to order. Do you now understand the principles of the arrangement of the epistles?" "Yes sir. ) The teacher should guard against unnecessarily imbibing those faulty mental snowcrash review habits, to which his station and employment expose him.

Proper treatment may indeed be the means of their reformation, but before this process has arrived at a successful result, others similar in character will have entered, so that the teacher can never expect perfection in the operation of any of his plans. ) Counting by your fingers. But I soon found that if I allowed this at all, then attention was diverted from the main object, and occupied in seeking the most diverting and curious examples. The method can, however, go into full snowcrash review effect, only where there are several pupils who have made considerable advances in mental cultivation. _Appropriate particular times at which snowcrash review all this business is to be done, and forbid it altogether_ at every other time. More on this subject however in another chapter. Dialogues between parents and children.

Not parallel. Sometimes we turn the school into a Bible class. A full expression snowcrash review of the Christian faith, would go far in advance of all here presented. snowcrash review MENTAL ANALYSIS.

I have a great many classes to hear, and of course a great many lessons to assign, and I never remember them; it is not necessary far me to remember.

Then several nuts thus protected grow closely together inside snowcrash review this green prickly covering; which spreads over them and guards them from the larger animals and the boys. I feel no other interest in the subject, than the pride and pleasure it would give me, to have my class stand high, in respect to the amount of ground it has gone over, when you come to examination. The third, to write sentences in two forms, one containing the adjective, and the other expressing the same idea by means of the adverb, arranging them in two columns, thus, He writes well. Keep these things, therefore, as much as possible, out of sight. They should snowcrash review be interested as much as possible snowcrash review in the affairs of the school, and led to take an active part in carrying them forward; though they should, all the time, distinctly understand, that it is only _delegated_ power which they exercise, and that the teacher can, at any time, revoke what he has granted, and alter or annul at pleasure, any of their decisions. They ought to understand the distinction between _seeing that a thing is snowcrash review done_, and _doing it_. They would be far more valuable than any general speculations, however well conceived or expressed.

A lawyer may read in an evening an interesting book of travels, and find nothing to help him with his case, the next day, in court,--but almost every fact which the teacher thus learns, will come _at once into use,_ in some of his recitations at school.

The right to such control, when claimed at all, is usually claimed in reference to the snowcrash review snowcrash review snowcrash snowcrash review review teacher's new plans, which renders snowcrash review it proper to allude to the subject here; and it ought not to be omitted, for a great many cases occur, in which teachers have difficulties with the trustees or committee of their school. Here it will be seen that by the operation of a very simple plan, the very eagerness of the crowd to get back as soon as possible, snowcrash review which had been the _sole cause of the difficulty_, snowcrash review was turned to account most effectually to remove it. Now I need the rest of a recess, as well as you, and it does not seem to me to be just that I should lose the whole of mine, every day, and spend it in a most unpleasant business, when I take pains, myself, snowcrash review to come punctually every morning. Five minutes were allowed, and at the end of that time the papers were collected and read. Two ways of remedying the evil. " "But the nuts themselves have no stems to be fastened by," answered the same boy. --GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS. [I omit the particular explanation of the duties of snowcrash review the officers, as the arrangement must vary in different schools, and the details of any one plan can only be useful in the school-room to which it belongs. If your mother or some other friend should come into the school-room you can go and sit with her upon the sofa, and talk about the school. Now the point which I wish to bring before you is this; do you know in what order, I mean on what principles, the books are arranged?" "No sir;" is snowcrash review the universal reply. What measures in direct reference snowcrash review snowcrash review to the fault committed, would be necessary, would depend upon the circumstances of the case.

Never lose sight of them, nor turn to the right or to the left to follow any ignis fatuus which may endeavor to allure you away; but exercise as much ingenuity and enterprise as you please, in giving variety and interest to the modes by which these objects are pursued. This latter point is necessary, in order to secure the popularity and success of the plan. If, for instance, he says some day to a class, that Vasco de Gama was the discoverer of the passage round the Cape of Good Hope, and leaves it here, in a few days, not one in twenty, will recollect the name. c. "There seems to be some difficulty between you boys, about a nail to hang your hats upon. Artifices in Recitations. If now, the teacher has taken the course recommended in this chapter; if he has, by his general influence in the school, done all in his power to bring the majority of his pupils to the side of order and snowcrash review discipline; if he has then studied, attentively and impartially, the characters of those snowcrash review who cannot snowcrash snowcrash review review thus be led; if he has endeavored to make them his friends, and to acquire, by every means, a personal influence over them; if, finally, when they do wrong, snowcrash review he goes, plainly, but in a gentle and delicate manner, to them, and lays before them the whole case; if he has done all this, he has gone as far as moral influence will carry him. Punctuality.

Teacher's meetings.

He succeeded, and by these efforts snowcrash review he raised himself from being a mere laborer, receiving for his daily toil a mere daily subsistence, to the respectability and the comforts of an intellectual pursuit. Often, for months together, there is not an article offered. _Sarah. They pretend to form a line, snowcrash review snowcrash review but it crooks in every direction.

) Then follows two quarter hours, appropriated like those heretofore described, the first to a General Exercise, the second snowcrash review to a Recess. This regulation then, viz. " "We might upset the inkstands," said another. Her mother was always moved by her tears, and would not her aunt relent? No. * * * * * The manner of recitation in the classes, is almost boundlessly varied. I do not make rules pointing them out, but expect that you will, through your own conscience and moral principle, discover and obey them. It does not appear to interest or please him at all. Instruction.

Although moral influences, are the chief foundations on which the power of the teacher over the minds and hearts of his pupils is, according to this treatise, to rest, still it snowcrash review must snowcrash review not be imagined that the system here recommended is one of persuasion. The attorney general, at this juncture, conceived the idea of indicting the individual alluded to, for an attempt to overturn the government. Whose sled was it that Richard took away?" "James Thompson's. And then when we reflect upon the influence which would snowcrash review be exerted upon the future religious character of this nation, by having the millions of children training up in the schools, accustomed, through all the years of early life, to being brought daily into the presence of the Supreme, with thanksgiving, confession, and prayer, it can hardly seem possible that the teacher who wishes to be faithful in his duties, should hesitate in regard to this. A too strong confidence in our own views on every subject, almost inevitably comes, from never snowcrash review hearing our opinions contradicted snowcrash review or called in question; and we express those opinions in a tone of authority and even sometimes snowcrash review snowcrash review of snowcrash review arrogance, which we acquire in the school-room, for there, when we speak, nobody can reply. Tell him that all that is of any consequence in any handwriting, is, that it should be legible, rapid, and uniform, and that, for the rest, it would be better that every human being should write a different hand, and he looks upon you with astonishment, wondering that you cannot see the vital importance of the question, whether the vertex of an o should be pointed or round. This feeling of interest in the institution may very easily be awakened. In most books on education, we are taught, almost exclusively, how to operate on the _individual_. No one snowcrash review must come till he is called. snowcrash review Never bring forward cases of discipline, except on mature deliberation, and for a snowcrash review distinct and well-defined purpose.

" There was an expression of fixed, and eager, and increasing interest, on every face in the room.

) If nines occur, you sometimes add ten, and then take off one, for it is very easy snowcrash review to add ten. The idea of his teacher's snowcrash review trying to perplex and embarrass him, was entirely new. Limits and restrictions to religious influence in school. Let us then examine the various particulars above mentioned in succession, and see how each can be disposed of, so as not to be a constant source snowcrash review of interruption and derangement.

With these cautions, the method here alluded to snowcrash review will be found to be of very great advantage in many studies; snowcrash review for example, all the arithmetical tables may be recited in this way; words may snowcrash review be spelled, answers to sums given; columns of figures added, or numbers multiplied; and many questions in History, Geography, and other miscellaneous studies, answered, especially the general questions asked for the purpose of a review. You will observe that in transacting this business, very little is actually done by myself, except making the ultimate decision.

That you may vote more freely, I wish you to vote by ballot. Answers given simultaneously to save time. at the close of each half hour, and also five minutes before the close, to give the classes notice that the time for recitation is about to expire.