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6. They worked for them, russian military in 19 century and paid for them. Examples. _Jane. ] When it is _half down_, each scholar may leave her seat and whisper, but she must do nothing which will disturb others. I mean boys will get a sort of an idea that it is a fine thing to confess their faults, and by a show of humility and frankness will deceive their teacher, and perhaps themselves, russian military in 19 century by a sort of acknowledgement, which in fact exposes nothing of the guilt which the transgressor professes to expose. After hearing what she chooses to write in her defence, a vote is taken on sustaining the impeachment. There had been some changes in the seats by my permission, russian military in 19 century and probably from some inconsistency in the promises which I had made, there were two claimants for the same desk. And why? Why because it is new. The author loses his time and his patience.

The slates russian military in 19 century were not laid away carefully, or they were not clean, so that the writing is not distinct. At another time, the teacher spends his five minutes in aiming to accomplish a very different object. He succeeded, and by these efforts he raised himself from being a mere laborer, receiving for his daily toil a mere daily subsistence, to the respectability and the comforts of an intellectual pursuit. "Yes sir.

" After some unnecessary shoving and pushing, increased by the disorderly conduct of a few bad boys, a line is formed. This ought never to be exceeded. " A little delicate management of this sort will often have more influence over young persons, than the most vehement scolding, or the most watchful and jealous precautions. "James, I am making some changes in the seats, and thought of removing you to another place. Carry no school work home with you russian military in 19 century and do not talk of your work. As soon as it touched the book, it was safe. The experiment is worth something as a pleasant and useful russian military in 19 century change, even if it is not russian military in 19 century permanently russian military in 19 century superior to the other. Dialogues they have heard exhibiting it. "Well, what would that motive be?" "Money.

I can best give russian military in 19 century you an idea of the court, by describing an actual trial.

Teacher to do nothing on this subject but what he may do by the common consent of his employers.

Sometimes we turn the school into a Bible class. " The teacher then described his conduct, in a mild manner, russian military in 19 century using the style of simple narration,--admitting no harsh epithets,--no terms of reproach. The principles of division of labor apply with peculiar force to this employment; so that russian military in 19 century you must not only consider whether the branch, which you are now disposed to introduce, is important, but whether it is really such an one as it is, on the whole, best to include among the objects to be pursued in such an institution. ) _Divide and subdivide a difficult process, until your steps are so short, that the pupil can easily take them. ) Feel that, in the management of the school, _you_ are under obligation as well as the scholars, and let this feeling appear in all that you do.

"I do not expect it," said the teacher. Then several nuts thus protected grow closely together inside this green prickly covering; which spreads over them and guards them from the larger animals and the boys. ) After the expiration of the quarter hour above described, the study card is dropped, and a recess succeeds. The chief point is simply to secure the _principle_, of whispering at definite and limited times, and at those alone. " "Proposed that school begin at nine o'clock. Every boy has something or other which is good in his disposition and character, which he is aware of, and on which he prides himself; find out what it is, for it may often be made the foundation, on which you may build the superstructure of reform. Sometimes they adjourn almost immediately; perhaps russian military in 19 century after having russian military in 19 century simply russian military in 19 century attended to the distribution of pens for the next day; at other times they remain during the hour, attending to such exercises as the superintendent may plan.

And after all the cultivation which we can bestow, in this life, upon this mysterious principle, it will still be in embryo.

Entering the service of Jehovah is a work which requires no preliminary steps. ) Be very cautious how you bring in the awful sanctions of religion, to assist you directly, in the discipline of your school.

Anonymous writing. You may hope that he is going to devote his life to the service of God. A teacher may, by the force of mere authority, so control his pupils, as to preserve order in the school-room, and secure a tolerable progress in study, but the heart will not be in it. Were it not for the art of classification and system, no school could have more than ten scholars, as I intend hereafter to show.

These two objects are, it is plain, entirely distinct. It must advance; but let it advance mainly russian military in 19 century by the industry and fidelity of those who are employed in it; by changes slowly and cautiously made; not by great efforts to reach forward to brilliant discoveries, which will draw off the attention from essential duties, and after leading the projector through perplexities and difficulties without number, end in mortification and failure.

" The boys all begin to open their desk lids. " "Why, sir?" "Because, you know, I have said I wish the scholars to remember where the lessons are, and not come to me. He thought, perhaps he should have been punished, if he had been observed. "The old school-house russian military in 19 century is now torn down, and a large brick house takes the place of it. [F] Very many pupils soon become weary of the dull and russian military in 19 century monotonous business of writing, unless some plans are devised, to give interest and variety to the exercise, and on this account, this branch of education, in which improvement may be most rapid, is often the last and most tedious to be acquired.

I am aware that there are many persons, so habituated to judging with confidence of the piety of others, from some such indications as I have described, that they will think I carry my cautions to the extreme.

My pupils would make resolutions russian military in 19 century enough; they understood their duty well enough. Latin Grammar lesson. Others are institutions, commenced with great zeal by the projectors, and which succeed russian military in 19 century just as long as that zeal continues. A dozen hands, all around him, were immediately seen fumbling in pockets and desks, and, in a few minutes, several pencils were reached out for his acceptance. It is his duty to submit to the public will, and though he may properly do all in his power, to present the subject to his employers in such a light, as to lead them to regard it as he does, he must still, until they do so regard it, bow to their authority; and every magistrate, who takes an enlarged and comprehensive view of his duties as the executive of a republican community, russian military in 19 century will do this without any humiliating feelings of submission to unauthorized interference with his plans. A parlor bell rope passes over a brass pulley, and then runs downward in a groove made in the mahogany board to which the card is attached.

Limits and restrictions to religious influence in school. " Those who saw clearly what was to be done, left the class, and the teacher continued his explanation to those who were left behind. That is, a _prejudice_ would not be a sufficient ground to justify withholding blame. Nothing too much has been required of me. (2. "It is no matter if you cannot," would be the proper reply, "since it certainly is wrong; you have made a mistake in adding, somewhere, russian military in 19 russian military in 19 century century but it is not worth while for me to spend two or three minutes apiece with all of you, to ascertain where. As much as this, is required of students, in many literary institutions. russian military in 19 century II. All that we can expect from such an effort to interest them, as I have described and recommended, is to get a _majority_ on our side, so that we may have only a small minority, to deal with by other measures. russian military in 19 century You take the first figure, and then add the next to it, by counting up regularly.

These principles show how teaching may, in some cases, be a delightful employment, while in others, its tasteless dulness is interrupted by nothing but its perplexities and cares. But he may be, notwithstanding this, on the most intimate and familiar footing with them all. It is well on other accounts to give the pupils of a school a little respite, at least every hour; and if this is done, an intermission of study for two minutes each time, will be sufficient. The fact that the teacher bases all his plans, on the idea of his ultimate authority, in every case, may be perfectly evident to all the pupils, while he proceeds with moderation and gentleness, in all his specific measures. There are however some real and serious difficulties which always have, and it is to be feared, always will, cluster around this employment; and which must, for a long time, at least, lead most men to desire some other employment for the business of life. The teacher often does irreparable injury by rash action at the outset. ' After a time, the recess closed, and order was again russian military in 19 century restored. Pleasure of experimenting, and exercising intellectual and moral power.

You perceive that I have presented to him a motive to exertion. Now, how long does it take the sun to pass round the earth?" "Twenty four hours. Recitation. As much as this, is required of students, in many literary institutions. But selfishness is wrong,--very wrong, in whatever form it appears,--here, and every where else; and that, whether I make any rules against it or not. russian military in 19 century He should not endeavor to make it very easy. "You would naturally feel a disposition to examine it by the touch;" said he, "but you will all see, that by the time it was touched by sixty individuals, it would be likely to be injured, if not destroyed. --Evening Lessons. possessed a fine and well cultivated mind, great penetration, and a tact at discriminating character, rarely equalled.

The irregular class. This is no reason why they should be indulged, russian military in 19 century or why the order and regularity of the school should be sacrificed, but it should prevent their exciting feelings of anger or impatience, or very severe reprehension. I should not at any time hesitate to call all the teachers in an adjoining room, leaving the school alone for half an hour, and I should be confident, that at such a time order, and stillness, and attention to study would prevail as much as ever. You will take pleasure in this, for young and old always take pleasure in the strict and rigid operation of _system_, rather than in laxity and disorder. " "What comes next?" "John's. It is taken as an illustration, not by selection from the large number of similar exercises which I have witnessed, but simply because it was an exercise occurring at the time when a description was to be written. Ways of making known new plans.

_ Have we? Well never mind, I guess we shall find them. "It was a boy that you all know. Let him choose from among the older and more intelligent of his scholars, four or five, whom he will teach. _William. " The boys looked rather anxiously at one another, but continued silent. Gardiner Lyceum.

I never make any effort to urge any one to attend the Saturday meeting, nor do I, except in a few rare and peculiar cases, ever address any one personally, unless she desires to be so addressed. "Suppose a thief were to go into a man's store in the day time, and take away something secretly, would it be stealing or robbery?" "Stealing. russian military in 19 century _Fourth Hour. A good contrivance but entirely unfit for the purpose for which it was intended. Better feelings were struggling for admission, and the case was decided by a broad-faced, good-natured-looking boy, who stood by his side saying almost involuntarily, russian military in 19 century "Better throw it, Joe. _ We open and close the school with a very short prayer, and one or two verses of a hymn. In other words, their respect for him should be based on _real traits_ of character, as they see them brought out into natural action, and not on appearances assumed russian military in 19 century for the occasion.

He is a bad boy, and likes to turn his ingenuity to purposes of mischief. _ "How long was it before he began to hear lessons?" Several boys simultaneously. The father who is most firm and decisive in his family government, can mingle most freely in the conversation and sports of his children without any derogation russian military in 19 century of his authority, or diminution of the respect they owe. He told them, that, in order to give them time to make a thorough investigation, they were excused from farther exercises during russian military in 19 century the day. The russian military in 19 century shopping exercise. If it does not remedy the evil, the resignation must be insisted on. It is a fact that all this general progress has a direct and immediate bearing upon his pursuits. If ever I see your desk in such a state again, I shall most certainly punish you.

Such a case as this, for example, once russian military in 19 century occurred. They must be _trained_, not by threatening and punishment, but by your good-humored assistance, to their new duties. You are not sufficiently _definite_ in forming your purposes. "I think I shall try this plan; for he must have some feelings of honor and gratitude, and if he has, he certainly will not try to give me pain or trouble win after this.

It is time for studying and reciting Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and similar studies. The former is a great deal; the latter, very little. " "What comes next?" "The epistles of Peter. "Deliver them at the Accountant's desk. " "I will explain it to you now.

That is the way by which children learn all language. | Writing. A boy approaches the teacher to render an excuse, the teacher replies, addressing himself, however, to the whole class, "I shall give all an opportunity to offer their excuses presently. He goes to philosophizing upon it, and can find many reasons why knowledge received russian military in 19 century through the ear makes a more ready and lasting impression, than when it comes through the eye. In all probability, however, they would like it, and would indicate their interest by their countenances, or perhaps by a response. " This would be right. That word is only one among fifty, constituting the lesson. It is not necessary that you should state a fact altogether new and unheard of, but if you tell me its color, or some of the uses to which it is applied, you will be complying with my request. When she does become acquainted, all her first strange appearance is forgotten; but this is sometimes not the case for several weeks. One of the boys tied a string to a loose lath in the side of the room, and then having the end of it at his seat, he was pulling it, to make a noise to disturb us. " Another boy asked why the peach-stone russian military in 19 century was not outside the peach, so as to keep it from being eaten.

"Now, does the sun, in going round the earth, pass over the Rocky Mountains, or over us, first?" To this question, the teacher hears a confused answer. Whenever in any case, they think that the state of the school requires their interference, they come cautiously and fearfully to the teacher, as if they were encroaching upon his rights, instead of advancing with the confidence and directness with which employers have always a right to approach the employed; and the teacher, with the view he has insensibly taken of the subject, russian military in 19 century being perhaps confirmed by the tone and manner which his employers use, makes the conversation, quite as often, an occasion of resentment and offence as of improvement. The question is asked a thousand times, "How shall I ever learn to keep my resolutions?" Perhaps, the great cause of your failures is this. "You know," I continued, addressing the whole, "what sort of persons the girls, who compose this school are. It is like a navigator's becoming acquainted beforehand with the nature and the dangers of the sea over which he is about to sail. The numbers may be continued, according to the obvious law regulating the above, until each one russian military in 19 century of the nine digits has commenced the line. "There is one way by which I might ascertain whether you were russian military in 19 century old enough to know that this was wrong, and that is by asking those who have refrained from doing this, because they supposed it would be wrong, to rise.